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  • Debbie Greenlee
    Feb 3, 2013

      I would think the first cemetery would be easier to spot if a new
      satellite photo was filmed (since 2011) because many of the
      headstones/monuments have been set upright.


      Roman wrote:
      > OK - so it is a bee town, not a cemetery. I thought so at first thinking
      > there couldn't be that many large tombstone monuments. Guess the
      > cemeteries are both invisible. The WIG maps claim that the first
      > cemetery is essentially where the bees live.
      > Roman
      > On 2/2/2013 10:43 AM, Debbie Greenlee wrote:
      >> Roman,
      >> I do see the little, red roofed "summer" home on the right side of the
      >> road as you look at it.
      >> I am having trouble spotting the first cemetery on the map though. I
      >> do see bee hives (I remember them) lined up in 5 neat rows and they
      >> were "next" to the cemetery on the left side of the road as you look
      >> at the map.
      >> The cemetery was very close to the road so I think it is immediately
      >> north of the beehives. I don't think anyone would pick it out as a
      >> cemetery on this map though.
      >> Debbie
      >> Roman wrote:
      >>> Debbie and Marie,
      >>> A good source that provides a map of the area with much better
      >>> resolution than Google Earth is the Polish government geoportal site
      >>>> http://maps.geoportal.gov.pl/webclient/
      >>> intended as a cadastral reference. (You can remove the cadastral
      >>> boundary markers by selecting the ORTO map option.)
      >>> It clearly shows the ski lift and the continuing road toward (currently
      >>> non-existent) Przybyszów. There is a small red-roofed house about
      >>> half-way there. The first cemetery is clearly visible. There appears to
      >>> be a small structure within the 'U' where the road makes essentially a
      >>> U-turn to the left and then continues south where the cerkiew was
      >>> located. The second cemetery would be a bit further down that path on
      >>> the left side (according to the WIG maps).
      >>> Roman
      >>> On 2/1/2013 6:10 PM, Debbie Greenlee wrote:
      >>>> Marie,
      >>>> To get to Przybyszów you have to go to Karlików (from Bukowsko).
      >>>> If you passed the ski lift in Karlików then you were headed in the
      >>>> right direction. We could not drive any further as I mentioned in my
      >>>> Trip Report Poland-Ukraine September 2011. We had to walk about a mile
      >>>> up that rutted road. A 4-wheeler/jeep/truck/tractor could make the
      >>>> drive but not a car. Seems to me there were little food chalets being
      >>>> built on the left side of the road near the ski lift. I think we had
      >>>> to walk "passed" them up the rutted road. I don't think we came across
      >>>> the chalets before we parked but I might say something about this in
      >>>> my Trip Report.
      >>>> The Przybyszów cemetery that still has quite a few headstones is on
      >>>> the right side of the road surrounded by meadows.
      >>>> The location of the church and the other cemetery are further up the
      >>>> road, across the "river" on the left.
      >>>> I don't know which house you mean. I recall a small "summer" house
      >>>> between the ski lift and the cemetery. I have a photo of it though
      >>>> it's not on my web site since I wasn't sure in which village it
      >>>> belongs. I also don't remember what houses are where, going from
      >>>> Karlików to Przybyszów.
      >>>> I am not aware of anyone living in Przybyszów who was "interested" in
      >>>> it. The young man we found trying to refurbish the cemetery lives in
      >>>> Zagórz. His name is Piotr Bryła, a name which by the way, is found in
      >>>> Bukowsko records.
      >>>> On my web site the picture labeled "Looking back down the road which
      >>>> leads to Przybyszów" was taken near where I parked the car to start
      >>>> walking.
      >>>> The cement block road turned into rutted dirt (from tractors) which is
      >>>> why we walked.
      >>>> If you look at the first picture under "Karlikow" you can see the ski
      >>>> hill in the distance.
      >>>> So, to answer your question, I don't think you went far enough.
      >>>> Debbie
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