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  • Rick Jones
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Hi All.
      Please think of the Aussies living in the Southern Half of the Continent.
      For example.... Hobart.... Australia's most Southern State Capitol.... NORMALLY the temp hardly ever gets above 30C... in Summer..  and I recall being there some years ago at this time of year.... we had DOONAS and electric Blankets on the beds..... The thick heavy Down European Doonas.......
      Today t was 45C.... OVER 100F....
      And the temps in Melbourne and Adelaide, also in the South were not much better.
      They were ALL about 15-20 degrees C OVER THE AVERAGE for this time of year.
      Even here, and we are outside the Heat Wave belt.... it is well into the 30's.....
      ALL the temps are on average 15 degrees hotter.
      No wonder I prefer Spring or Autumn... um Fall.

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