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3377Re: Help with Compaq Deskpro

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  • ugotthat
    Jun 19, 2006
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      If memory serves me correctly Compaq's are good machines but I
      always needed the backup disk that came with the machine itself. I
      had to get ahold of Compaq tech support and buy it. It was only $10
      but that was a few years ago. Even then I did not get all the
      features the original had ie telephony.

      For W98 Have you tried Booting from a rescue floppy with cd support?
      Do so. Next format the hd and fdisk. Then insert the W98 cd and run
      setup from the "D" or whatever prompt. That should do it. Hope this

      --- In buildingpcs@yahoogroups.com, cinval_764 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hello again, I am working on a friends Compaq Deskpro and I need
      to re-
      > install the operating system. I have fdisk and reformatted the
      > drive and now I can not get the W98 cd to install. I can not get
      > the bios either, it has a EZ-Bios which does not allow me to make
      > changes. I have tried hitting F10, F8, F11 and delete to try to
      > up a normal bios setup. Can I reset the CMOS battery? Will that
      > I have looked online to try to download the SoftPaq utility but I
      > unable to even do that. Can anyone please tell me what could be
      > problem and how can I reset the Bios to normal settings. There is
      no OS
      > installed on it right now, I have tried W98 and W2K. I only get an
      > error message tell me to "Replace the disk and the hit any key"
      > system disk, I can not get past that point. I am not sure if it is
      > reading my disk. I have even tried a W98 Boot disk. All I want it
      to do
      > is run from cd-rom do I can install the OS. What can I do? I am
      > Is there a better site to download the SoftPaq utility other than
      > HP/Compaq site?
      > Thanks,
      > Cindy
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