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3375Re: [Building PCs] All Parts Compatible??

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  • Norm Higgs
    May 31, 2006
      All the development is going into programs for Vista and not Windows 64 bit.
      To me, Windows 64 bit is just a temporary kludge and I wouldn't bother to
      waste money on it. IMHO it would be like buying a 32 bit version of Windows
      3.1 just before the release of Windows 95. Just doesn't make any sense to
      me - I'd rather wait for the 'real' 64 bit OS that has some developement
      behind it.

      Maybe I'm just more picky about how I spend my dollars.

      Norm Higgs
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      I disagee with you Norm. It is the sum of the parts working together that
      make the system.(This includes Hardware and software)

      It is hard to find 64 bit drivers/software to run most hardware, this is
      why, I recommend looking for the 64 bit drivers PRIOR to purchasing the new
      hardware. If this was an older system, and then you wanted to go to Windows
      XP64, you would be opening a major can of worms. However, if you are
      starting from scratch, why would you not want a completely 64 bit machine?
      I installed Windows64 on my system and the results were tremendous.
      Unfortunately, one of my older devices did not work, so I was forced to
      switch back. My recommendation is to get Windows64 and confirm in advance
      that all hardware, including the printer has Windows64 drivers.

      Another factor, is the Vista Op System, which will debut in 2007. It stands
      to reason, those companies, who are currently investing in R&D of 64 bit
      drivers, will also be the first companies to debut Vista 64 bit drivers too.
      In fact, many of the currrent 64 bit drivers do work under Vista. You might
      want to experiment with some Vista Beta testing to know this is true. I
      installed Vista on my machine, downloaded some 64 bit drivers for my lan
      card, ati graphics card, and sound card and I was flying high.


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