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3371Re: [Building PCs] All Parts Compatible??

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  • Robbie Margolis
    May 30, 2006
      Since your links were no good, I took out the time to search each part number.

      The CPU, you chose does not support hyper-threading. For $40 more it is worth it to have this technology on the dual core.

      The version of Windows XP you chose does not support 64 bit technology. Furthermore, you will need to contact each hardware manufacture whose product you plan to purchase to find out if they have existing drivers for 64 bit technology. Remember the system components work in synergy; it is the sum of the parts working together that make the system. If your operating system is 32 bit, you will never take advantage of 64 bit software. Likewise, if your op system is 64 bits and all your software drivers are 32 bit, do you see the problem?

      Do you plan on ordering a 7.1 or above surround sound system to go with that Asus motherboard? It would be a waste to put anything less than this into such a powerful board.

      Robbie Margolis

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