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3364Building a spare rig - Any ideas?

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  • mdjchat
    May 22, 2006
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      Hey folks just joined this group in search of advice, I'm slowly
      improving my computer literacy but so far have only researched newer

      I'm looking to build a Pentium 3 PC for as little as possible, the
      main aim behind this (apart from getting to build it) is to get a
      spare rig on which to run Linux and Folding@Home. As I'm new to
      computing I have no idea what P3 stuff is good and what isn't, thats
      hopefully where you can help.

      I've figured that with P3 components currently costing so little I
      could get a once top of the range motherboard with onboard sound in
      socket 370, for graphics I'd just get a cheap NVidia card as Linux
      seems to function best with those. Optical drives, HDD's e.t.c. I'm ok
      with - its mostly just a question of which motherboard.
      I have a PSU taken out of a recently purchased P4 rig that I believe
      ought to work with P3 (its a 24 pin supply for the P4).

      Any help you can offer would be great thanks - Mat

      Hopefully I'll also be able to contribute a few answers here and there
      when it comes to newer kit!