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Re: [buildcheapeeg] Perhaps the owner of this group no longer owns it. Perhaps moderation is impossible I realize that at best it had become a low-volume group... nothing but SPAM seems to appear

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  • Hayder Hussein
    I opened this message to make an unsubscribe to this email group after 2-3 months from being member in this list. Nothing about EEG.Just Spam, spam, spam...
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      I opened this message to make an unsubscribe to this email group after 2-3 months from being member in this list. Nothing about EEG.Just Spam, spam, spam...

      Fortunately, found something meaningful. Your eamil.

      For your first question, there is a good email group and website for building a cheap EEG.
      You can even order a soldered board and you have to complete the finishing by yourself.

      Take a look to this website:

      I think this will also helps you for neuro biofeedback to treat or decrease your symptoms.

      Get the hardware and read about neurofeedback regarding your condition..

      Best regards

      Within 1-2 weeks I will unsubscribe from this list. It is useless..

      --- On Sun, 9/26/10, Your Friendly Hogfather (J. deVries) <hogfather@...> wrote:

      From: Your Friendly Hogfather (J. deVries) <hogfather@...>
      Subject: [buildcheapeeg] Perhaps the owner of this group no longer owns it. Perhaps moderation is impossible I realize that at best it had become a low-volume group... nothing but SPAM seems to appear
      To: buildcheapeeg@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: "hogfather" <hogfather@...>
      Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010, 7:58 AM


      Question The First:

      Is there a discussion list / forum somewhere else that has taken over the function of this one? I realize that the likelihood of anyone even being INTERESTED in building a Cheap EEG still bop in here to look at things very often (if at all), but if such a forum exists, I'd be >>>HUGELY<<< interested in reading it an participating in it.

      Question The Second:

      Another reason why there might be no message flow here -could- possibly be something OTHER than this unbelievable banal SPAM that regularly appears. I'll go check the Webpage and see when the posting level seems to have dropped off the most precipitously to see what people (i.e., the Real(TM) people) were discussing. I might find messages that relate to Question The Third (just a moment...) or I'll find information about people giving up in disgust because of the trash postings or I'll find that simply no one actually interested in the subject "were around" any more.

      Question The Third:

      Possible answers to this question might truly be exciting to me. I seem to remember glancing at someone's project that actually worked properly, was affordable, and didn't take an excessive quantity of tweaking. To put it another way, there was that project: perhaps two or five or even more showed up that FULFILLED the mission of this group: the knowledge "is out there" to perform the task of recording at least one brainwave. Obviously, it would even be MORE cool if recording more than one brainwave was feasible and reliable with an affordable piece of equipment...

      So... I'll continue to skim this group for a couple or three more weeks and see if anyone can provide me to pointers to "the real stuff". Otherwise, I guess the latter spate of messages will be the best I'll be able to obtain. All of this is hugely important to me because I suffer rather greatly from Bipolar Syndrome: and when you are living IN a mood, you do not SEE the mood. Generally speaking, the best you can do is to recruit other, actually somewhat selfless people who are willing to report to you (in an utterly journalistic and non-emotional manner) whether or not your mood is becoming depressive or manic or Just Damned Bloody Weird.

      70% (this is a cold hard statistic) of people who do not obtain help/therapy and have a tendency towards depression commit suicide. This rating is based on an ENORMOUS number of reports and a quite statistically relevant database. Once again, if you are depressed, you might simple not know it: you live in the box and not outside and so you can't see or even IMAGINE what the box looks like. Fortunately, even after 55 years I've proven to be non-suicidal (some people aren't, pretty much no matter how bad life seems) so the statistic doesn't frighten me much.


      "Over one million people commit suicide every year. The World Health Organization estimates that it is the thirteenth-leading cause of death worldwide. It is a leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under 35."

      If someone who KNEW that the occasionally had suicidal thoughts AND had access to the device this group was working towards ---AND--- was essentially totally agoraphobic (had no contact with the outside world, no one to them how they seemed, emotionally speaking)... could they use it just like someone uses a blood-pressure measuring device (and I assure you, you do NOT know from physical symptoms - unless the situation is grave - what your blood pressure is); could they use it like the utterly ubiquitous "finger poke blood-glucose measuring" devices that diabetics ARE BLOODY GIVEN FREE IF THEY ARE IN A PARTICULAR MEDICATION AND THERAPY CATEGORY!!! which keep those selfsame people from dying because of insulin problems (I've had to call 911 for someone who was RAPIDLY moving towards a coma: talk about being frightened!)

      On the other side of the coin, how about if someone is becoming hypomanic or even truly manic? Generally speaking, we live by an enormous, magnificent number of 'rules' that help define our personalities. When you become manic, not only do ALL of those rules simply vanish (and thus your judgment often becomes tragically faulty) BUT WORSE YET YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT THESE 'RULES' ARE MISSING!!! Relate it to a mild headache that has gone away - do you even THINK about it anymore? Or has it "disappeared" from all thought?

      What if you begin to spend money so that you have no reserve, you run multiple credit sources up to their maximums, decide to fly to visit friends on either coast of the United States because you see no reason not to and... well... you just WANT to, you quit your job on a whim, sell equipment they've assigned to you because you DON'T have a source of income and you are getting, shall we say, somewhat hungry, you become peeved with your housemates and find yourself kicked out (this doesn't describe -me- [although I've got $2,400 worth of LEGO that has remained, unbelievably neatly organized in a multitude of Plano fishing tackle boxes, gathering dust since 1996])... these are EXACTLY the things that this person "chose to do"; each thing written here are absolute, definable, honest and true events.

      They didn't choose. To say so is a horrible joke. They acted on spurious impulses, completely lacking the framework that "normally" led their lives, they had no idea that the framework Just Wasn't There, they'd get unbelievably pissed off at you if you mentioned that they were acting in a bizarre manner.

      The overall point being: what if (a) depressive and manic moods could be discerned from electroencephalograms, (b) it was close to being trivial and certainly hugely inexpensive to have a device that could take those measurements, run them through a decent "expert knowledge" system (say, based on the $90 book I've got on the subject), (c) that it would take just the slightest, the most TRIVIAL bit of effort to test yourself (yeah, the insulin/blood sugar testing devices poke your finger ("Tenderlets" ["THIS WEEK - WITH FREE GROUND SHIPPING!] - what a ghastly joke that name is. But I digress) but how long is it from the time you take it out of your pocketbook or clothing or whatever until you've got a reliable reading...)

      True: it would still take self-discipline. But people are sticking what are equivalent to very, very thin, extremely sharp needles into themselves, they are NOT masochists, and quite obviously there is a positive value to it. I suppose getting enough of an EEG reading to feed an expert system might take a moderate amount of preparation and time DURING the reading... and yes, if you are manic, you might "forget" to test yourself; if you are depressed you might feel too dispirited to do so: self-discipline is hard, but making the process as easy and quick AND RELIABLE as possible; based on brain activity (presuming you don't need PET to do that - grin!!!) would be truly wonderful.

      Past that, if ANYONE can restrict the postings to this group to group members, clean up the membership list, restrict entry INTO the membership list, as least it is possible to get rid of the SPAM. If I'm the only one who cares enough to make a comment like this... "Oh well!"

      (crudnation. farkle. etc.)

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