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  • hrebesh ms
    sreeja s wrote:What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition may be killing you! USANA provides nutritional supplements of the
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      sreeja s <sreeja_192003@...> wrote:
      What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition may be
      killing you!

      USANA provides nutritional supplements of the highest
      View one of the few nutritional supplement lines
      listed in the
      Physicians Desk Reference at


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      Yoga And fitness:

      Yoga And Diabetes:
      Adult-onset diabetes can usually be controlled through
      dietary and other lifestyle changes. While Yoga cannot
      “cure” diabetes, it can complement the lifestyle
      changes necessary to keep diabetic symptoms in check,
      and it can help you feel more in control of your
      health and well-being.

      If you need to lose weight, Yoga can help build your
      concentration and willpower so that it’s easier to
      stay on a weight-loss program. Yoga breathing
      techniques are particularly helpful because they teach
      you to focus on one thing — in this case, your smooth,
      rhythmic breathing — to the exclusion of everything
      else. In addition to strengthening your will, this
      practice also reduces harmful stress reactions and
      conserves energy so that more of it is available for
      living your life the way you want to. Learning how to
      cope with stress is important to anyone dealing with a
      chronic physical condition.

      Yoga exercises gently tone and shape the body, improve
      posture and flexibility, and contribute to feelings of
      well-being. Most Yoga exercises have a profound effect
      on improving circulation, especially to the
      extremities. Yoga exercises help keep the blood
      vessels elastic, and Yoga exercise combined with
      relaxation training has even been shown to reduce high
      blood pressure in some cases. After you’ve practiced
      for a while, you can add more vigorous exercises to
      your Yoga routine to give you the added benefits of
      some aerobic conditioning and increased muscle
      strength. Yoga exercises gently press on the body’s
      glands and organs, resulting in positive effects for
      the digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems.

      By releasing muscle tension and teaching you how to
      relax at will, Yoga relaxation training helps reduce
      the harmful effects of physical and mental stress.
      Daily practice of meditation shows you a quiet,
      restful, stable part of yourself that supports
      everything you do, and teaches you how to draw on
      these inner resources for the strength and health that
      can be your choice.


      Yoga & Headaches

      Even if you suffer from headaches only infrequently,
      they can dramatically disrupt your life. While some
      headaches may subside within a short time, throbbing
      migraines can cripple individuals for days, and
      intensely painful "cluster headaches" may recur for
      days or even weeks. "Tension headaches," while more
      common and usually less severe, also reduce
      productivity and can strain interpersonal

      Simple Yoga techniques can serve as an alternative or
      supplement to other remedies for dealing with
      headaches, as both prevention and treatment.

      Tension headaches, also categorized as muscle
      contraction, often can be alleviated through deep
      breathing and relaxation, especially in a lying down
      position in a quiet place. Gentle physical Yoga
      exercises can be used to counteract mild headaches.
      Inverted postures, or those where the head is lowered
      briefly, increase oxygen to the brain and can reduce
      headache-causing strain. Some simple exercise can even
      be practiced at work (Standing or in a chair) to ease
      tension that may be causing a headache. However, any
      type of exercise can be detrimental when you’re
      suffering form a severe headache, especially a

      A regular routine of Yoga exercises, breathing
      techniques, and relaxation/meditation can help prevent
      chronic headaches or reduce their severity. Exercises
      that stretch your muscles can release the tension that
      often causes headaches. Exercises that increase
      overall circulation and promote strength and balance
      are also helpful as they promote physical and mental
      balance and can strengthen your immune system. Yoga
      also helps to increase self-awareness, enabling you to
      address physical symptoms before they become severe.

      A balanced diet can also play a crucial role in
      preventing or treating headaches. Some headaches
      result from a missed meal or a lack of protein and can
      be alleviated by eating a healthy protein snack. There
      are also some foods which are suspected of causing
      headaches, such as some nuts, aged cheeses, and
      chocolate, and foods containing nitrates or monosodium
      glutamate (MSG). Some medical experts also recommend
      limiting caffeine intake or eliminating it altogether.
      Review and experiment with your diet to see which
      substances seem to make a difference.


      Yoga for a Healthy Heart

      Researchers now know that including Yoga with other
      lifestyle changes can prevent or correct heart
      problems, including hypertension and atherosclerosis.
      Yoga practice teaches you how to integrate Yoga
      exercise, breathing, and meditation techniques into
      your day so that you can make these important
      lifestyle changes. Yoga practice can make a real
      difference in the health of your heart by
      strengthening your body, teaching you how to relax
      mentally and physically, and showing you how to better
      manage stress reactions.

      Common stress reactions include muscle tension (most
      commonly in the face, stomach, neck, shoulders, and
      breath), rapid heartrate, constricted breathing, and
      anxiety. The fastest and most effective way to reduce
      reaction to stress is to change your breath, and an
      immediate way to improve your breathing is to improve
      your posture. In Yoga, you learn to strengthen your
      back and stomach muscles so that you can sit and stand
      straighter; this releases pressure on your heart and
      lungs and allows you to breathe easier.

      Yoga breathing exercises teach you how to breathe more
      deeply and rhythmically; this has many effects, both
      physiological and mental. Physiologically, you will
      strengthen your respiratory muscles and develop a more
      efficient exchange of gases. Breathing exercises cause
      more oxygen to be pushed through the walls of the
      lungs. Mentally, you will notice more concentration,
      willpower, and steadiness.

      Yoga exercise improves the health of the entire
      circulatory system, beginning with the production of
      blood, which takes place in the marrow of the long
      bones in the thighs. Improving circulation in the legs
      by means of daily Yoga stretching exercises helps to
      rejuvenate the blood. Yoga exercises stretch the
      body's major blood vessels, keeping them free-flowing
      and elastic; Yoga oxygenates the blood and pushes
      fresh nutrients to all peripheral vessels and
      capillaries. Improved circulation means that your
      brain will receive more oxygen, improving alertness,
      memory, and mood; vital organs receive a steady supply
      of the nutrients they need for optimal functioning.

      Yoga relaxation training teaches you how to relax at
      will, allowing your body to release muscle tension
      almost as it occurs. Meditation training shows you how
      to access your inner source of strength and personal
      power, creating a support system that builds
      confidence and self-esteem, fosters present-moment
      awareness, and increases self-knowledge.

      The choice to practice Yoga will protect your heart as
      it contributes to greater general health and


      What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition may be
      killing you!

      USANA provides nutritional supplements of the highest
      View one of the few nutritional supplement lines
      listed in the
      Physicians Desk Reference at


      Become a preferred customer and receive wholesale prices

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