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Re: [buildcheapeeg] Optical data transmission

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  • Moritz von Buttlar
    Message 1 of 68 , Nov 26, 2001
    • Chuck Davis
      ... Hmmm, I didn t know that. I thought Rob had removed all references, to Roshi, from his site. ... The AVS stuff is build into the EEG unit, and can operate
      Message 68 of 68 , Dec 9, 2001
        On 09-Dec-01, Doug Sutherland, wrote:
        >Hi Chuck,

        >>> How much $ for the infamous Roshi?
        >> $3995, complete.

        >Last week I discovered some info on Roshi on this page:
        >http://www.futurehealth.org/NFsystems.htm (info below)

        Hmmm, I didn't know that. I thought Rob had removed
        all references, to Roshi, from his site.

        >I have a few questions on Roshi ...

        >1) Is that $3995 complete with an Amiga system as
        > described on the futurehealth site?

        >2) Some time ago you mentioned a standalone Roshi
        > that requires no PC (just EEG & Light Goggles).
        > Is that available now? What's the price?

        The AVS stuff is build into the EEG unit, and can
        operate _on top of_ any NFB software. $1995

        >3) I've been puzzled about this for a long time:
        > you've said that Roshi differs from everything
        > else because it's a feedback loop, using the
        > EEG signals to change the entrainment activity
        > dynamically.

        It just means that the EEG is used to set the
        photo or mag stim parameters. It acts as sort
        of a neuro-mantra. Kinda like feeding the brain
        back on itself, to garner its own attention.
        Until the patents happen, I can't say anymore.

        > But is there settings for different
        > targets? For example, can I configure Roshi for
        > targets in different frequency bands? Can I
        > program it for different things like relax vs
        > deep relax vs intuition vs clarity/attenion?
        > Can I select these targets or are they fixed?

        All of the above happen, /automatically/ ;)

        There are no `real' adjustments, on the standalone
        unit; just LED/MagStim intensity adjustments. Your
        personal EEG context sets its feedback parameters.


        Don't have time for loads of questions. I prefer lurking ;)

        >Roshi EEG Biofeedback Synchrony & Sound/Light EEG (Dis)Entrainment
        >Integrated System. The Roshi is Unique in a Number of WAYS

        >*The ROSHI is a complete, self-contained two/four channel EEG
        > neurofeedback and and training system. It comes with an EEG
        > amplifier, a set of light emitting goggles and an AMIGA computer
        > and monitor (ROSHI, with its high perforamnce multi-media
        > capabilities, was developed before the IBM became capable of
        > sophisticated multimedia performance). .

        >ROSHI offers a combination of features not found on any other
        >EEG biofeedback system.

        >First, its feedback response time is extraordinarily fast. It
        >is capable of responding to scalp events on a time scale of
        >about 30 milliseconds - that's 0.03 of a second - the fastest
        >response time of any computerized system.

        >Second, it has seven feedback functions:
        > Light Flash Feedback ("Talos-4" function):
        > Bi-Hemispheric Spectral Amplitude Reduction Training:
        > Bi-Hemispheric Amplitude Stability Training:
        > Neural Efficiency Training:
        > Synchrony Training:
        > Light Flash Assisted Single Hertz Uptraining:
        > Inter-Hemispheric Light Flash Training.

        What's to explain, here?
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