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brainball and brainpong--biofeedback meets PC gaming

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    Brainball and Brainpong, biofeedback meets PC-gaming by Scott Hill Copenhagen 2.12.2001 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Scott_Hill@bigfoot.com An interactive
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      Brainball and Brainpong, biofeedback meets PC-gaming
      by Scott Hill
      Copenhagen 2.12.2001

      An interactive expo--NIC2001-- opening today in Copenhagen's Bella
      center presents a number of new interactive hardward and software
      projects. From Sweden's Interactive Institute
      2 players can
      play "Brainball", where they use their brainwave activity to "move" a
      ball back and forth. Using electrodes fastened to their heads
      the alpha wave frequency spectrum is measured, and the less alpha
      activity (perhaps related to greater relaxation), the
      longer the player can move his ball towards his opponent. According
      to Interactive Institute:
      "Brainball (is) the game where you score goals with your brain.
      Brainball is a new party game devised by elite Swedish
      interdisciplinary researchers. The rules are simple: the player with
      the least brain activity wins, the stressed, thinking opponent loses.
      Biosensors connected to the brains of the players
      read alpha and theta waves which guide a ball bearing over a playing
      board towards the opposing goal. Brainball came about
      as part of a project involving co-operation between artists,
      engineers and designers at the Interactive Institute."
      The game can be downloaded free from the Interactive Institue
      website. "This game is radically different from other games, which
      typically reward agressive behavior" says Bengt Larsson from
      Interactive, "If you think too much about winning, you lose!" he says.
      The ball is controlled by magnetic fields, run by the output from the
      brainwave machine.

      Another brain-mind-PC games has been developed by som finnish art
      students from the University of Art and Design inHelsinki.
      They revived the "computer stoneage game" Pong in a radical new form.
      In the new version, the screen image is projected onto a
      horizontal plane (f.eks. a table). Inside the projector is also a
      camera, which catches hand movements which are made over the
      screen display, so they can send "a virtual ball" back and forth
      between their hands.

      The exhibition continutes tomorrow, Sunday.
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