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  • frans
    Jul 1 7:31 AM
      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for your letter. However, i think i better stick
      with technology. at this moment Software engineering.
      I like the project, that is, i like the design, building and
      testing of electronic devices. the idea of building via the
      net is new to me. So basicly its only fun (and good prac-
      tice) for me.
      Spending time to surf the net for all kind of information
      could be better done by non-engineers, for engineers
      could better use the time (and thats al lot) to improve
      there knowledge and skills. Just like in proffesional teams,
      each member focus on his/her task. If not working like
      that there would be bad communication, and the project
      would only slowly progress, if at all. Small wonder pro-
      ject are build up-on devisions.
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      > *to avoid mis-interpretations in he future, i will
      >   not interfere with organisation, lega stuff anymore.

      Misinterpretation is a frequent occurrence on internet foums and it
      should not stop you from posting.  We are all adults and can discuss
      issues in a mature manner.  Everyone's opinion is valid and should be
      given fair hearing, so I urge you to continue speaking your mind in
      this group.



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