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48Re: [buildcheapeeg] what's up

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  • Rob Sacks
    Nov 20, 2000
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      Hello Yaniv,

      How is your course going?

      Like Joerg said -- as his screenshot shows -- we
      have the machine and PC software running together.

      I think we're beyond the vaporware stage now.
      Liquidware, maybe, or something even more

      I agree with Joerg that we need to look into
      legal issues now, patents and liability. It would
      be good if we could find some lawyers with skills
      in those areas to help us.

      As far as the PC software goes, I'm still trying to
      figure out how to write the digital filters.

      If somebody out there has experience with cascaded
      IIR filters that can be tuned to desired passband
      widths and frequencies on the fly, at runtime, I could
      use some help.



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      > hi folks
      > i'm now in nepal - doing a meditation course .
      > just wanted to know what's new ?
      > have you got any problems that i can help with from here ?
      > good luck
      > yaniv vilnai
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