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365a different input circuit

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  • Anand John
    May 1, 2001
      Hello everybody! My name is John and I'm a new member
      to the group. Just wanted to share this schematic I
      found on the net...check out the attachment. It seems
      to be quite promising and the output of the circuit
      could be fed directly to a soundcard for further
      processing. I emailed Mr. Bernd Porr, the man who
      engineered the circuit, and this is what he had to say

      Dear John,
      it can work with some sound cards. The problem is that
      the interesting EEG frequencies are around 1Hz. Most
      sound cards have a high-pass filter of around 20Hz
      build in. If you can find a card without such a high
      pass filter it could work. Take a sine wave generator
      and send the signal to the card. Test the frequencies
      from 0.1Hz to 40Hz. In this range the card should have
      a flat response. The second problem is the sampling
      rate: a sound card samples with a rather high sample

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