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3467Re: 回复: [buildcheapeeg] Need EEG Device

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  • Senthil Kumar
    Feb 1, 2010
      Thanks for your mail,
      Currently i'm in Pennsyvania (northwales) USA.
      Please let me know  the price, shipment details and detail specification .
      also please upate your contact number.
      My mobile : +1 2022158867
      Lan : +1 2676552054

      From: lee leon <lee_leon33@...>
      To: buildcheapeeg@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sat, January 30, 2010 12:11:23 PM
      Subject: 回复: [buildcheapeeg] Need EEG Device


           i've got one already assembled Modular EEG device, with regular wet electrodes, 6 channels, i'm in China, could u tell me where r u?

      --- 10年1月12日,周二, Senthil <senkumarbusability@ yahoo.com> 写道:

      发件人: Senthil <senkumarbusability@ yahoo.com>
      主题: [buildcheapeeg] Need EEG Device
      收件人: buildcheapeeg@ yahoogroups. com
      日期: 2010年1月12日,周二,上午9:21

      Dear Fellow members,
      I'm a usability - EEG researcher,
      looking for an fully assembled EEG device(full kit including electrode,Gel, etc.,) with any good opensource soft tested.

      If any have ready to use or interested in built a new one for me
      Kindly reach me with you contact number .

      Any further clarification on spec. can be discussed in Private thread.

      Thanks in advance.



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