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3078Fwd: The World Village Computer Revolution, Please Email The World.

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  • choi albert
    Apr 2, 2006
      The World Village Computer Revolution
      Knowledge is power, Internet is money,village 2 computers plan .
      Dear friends:
      This is 1 US dollar Internet education plan, please email your country government and the world, thanks my friend.
      Under $USD1 one day total 1,200,000,000 world people (1.2 billion people) 
      Full money is village people.
      1 village 2 computers plan ( 1 computer = $USD500  )
      1,000 people * $USD1 = $USD1,000 = 2 Computers
      500 people * $USD2 = $USD1,000 = 2 Computers
      200 people * $USD5 = $USD1,000  = 2 Computers
      Full money is country government.
      No the electric power, subsidize the full money the bicycle dynamo and the accumulator,
      No the Internet, the CD/DVD disc is the education expenses, the full money by government payment.
      This is the country policy, may the control execution.
      One US Dollar Education Plan 
      1. ideas beginning
      The Internet tidal current is enormous and powerful, the government and all professions update to the Internet is inevitable, the education promotes the national strength, enhances people's life, the Internet education is the first agenda, look the world, now the world no the cheap education website, the world Internet education is Must want.
      This is 1 billion people Internet education plans, because the integer is easy calculate, this plan is make money, by the government levies 1 people 1 US dollar 1 year education fee, total $USD 1,000,000,000,  this Internet current is the rare opportunity, this is needs the government overall planning, please email your country government and the world, thanks my friend.
      2. websites operations
      The Internet education down to 99%, the traditional teaching 1 teacher teaches 45 people, the Internet teaches 4,500 ~ infinite people, enhance the people educate standard, is the world agree, better be free of charge reads master, doctor, the Internet education may achieve this goal.
      First 1 people 1 us dollar 1 year fee, total $US 1 billion, then according ratio allocate resources:
      The website operation and the administration expense is 1.5% (national population small, administration expense is high, not exceed 5%).
      The educates website profit is 10%, no profit is Invalid.
      The income 30%, total $US 300 million subsidy village install public computer expense, this subsidy is only one, the subsidy no exceed total amount 50%, covers 700 million people (70% is farmer), basic every 1,000 people install 2 computers, 1 printers, 1 scanners, total 1.4 million, 1 computer $US 1,000, total $US 1400 million, subsidy 50% altogether $US 700 million.
      This plan accomplish in 3 years, total $US 900 million subsidies amount, the village down to 200 people, so long as they  levies 1 computer money, the government then subsidy another 1 computer money, 2 computers were bad 1 had another computer to using, at first this 3 years income many money, expenditure is few, has Very many money earnings, surplus 10% profit $US 300 million may use, the plan is no the money difficulty.
      3. services networks (this item only makes reference, various countries acts according to oneself national condition decision.)
      The computers covers the nation is very quick, many computers sales go to the towns and villages, the village computers plan by easy to difficult, in several city expansions to towns and villages, (subsidy 50% equal treatment) order the organization teams to understand the operation, the computers plan go to remote villages, this part is no merchants service, must set up the service station. (after 2 years had earnestly to examine whether did need to exist, 1. merchants arrived, we then abolishes, 2. After 2 years the consumer understand the repair or understand select the computers.)
      4. poorest villages subsidies
      The poorest villages, is must invest most subsidies, the village no the electric power, the full money subsidize the bicycle dynamo and the accumulator , 2 computers subsidize maintain at 50%, the village no the Internet, the CD/DVD disc is the education expenses, If must the teacher teaching, this must obtain the real data to implementation.
      5. costs low, the benefit is high
      The Internet is the 3rd wave knowledge economic revolution, the knowledge spread cost is cheap, 100% internet education is imperative, the benefit is very big, this is on-line teaching, we used the manpower to make the supposition, the education have 20 grades, each grades had 10 branches, each branch had 10 teachers (student to be allowed to select the teacher teaching), each teacher had 10 assistants, the teacher salary $US 10,000 year, each grades has 1,100 teacher * 20 grades = 22,000 teacher, total $US 220 million + $US 15 million websites and administrative expenses + $US 300 million is impoverished and computer subsidy + $US 100 million profits = $US 635 million.
      Income $US 1000 million - $US 635 million = surplus $US 365 million
      The services station, the development teams, the supply homepage, to cope with has $US 365 million.
      Will educate 1 people to become a capable people needs very many moneys, the Internet education is the future education way, regardless of any time will start, the country and the people to obtain the huge benefit.
      Please send this plan your country government and the world people, this plan needs translate to English and the various writing, the translator sign, the name keeps the history, please join
      Initiator: Ming-Tat Cheung
      Date: 26/10/2004 Hong Kong

      Please email the world, 5 languages letters: 
      This is Chinese machine translation English, please email your government and the world, thank very much.
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