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2945software proposal

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  • gareththomasnz
    Apr 20, 2004
      I have found a site for a hypnosis app called virtual hypnotist.

      Its fairly staight forward - open source.

      I have also been looking into virtual human interfaces - 3d visual
      and audio interactive conversational agents.

      I think an interactive speech enabled app would open up biofeedback
      software to a whole new area of function.

      Almost all the current software is audiovisual rerpresentation of the
      physiological state - by adding a conversational agent a scripted TTS
      hypnosis/autogenic or biofeedback session could be performed entirely
      by the user with the computer.

      The conversational agents use XML scripting such as AIML - see

      I would like to develop a quality therapeutic app based upon sound
      scientific principles of biofeedback/hypnosis.