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257Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • e_e_ling@hotmail.com
    Apr 9, 2001

      Apparently you have to subscribe to the brainmaster mailing list and
      ask for the plans... unfortunately they seem to have re-done threir
      website and I couldn't find details of the mailing list on there.
      Does anybody in this group have the brainmaster design plans? Does
      anybody know how to get on the mailing list?

      I don't know what an optocoupler is so I don't know if this is what
      you mean, but I remember that a home-build brainmaster must be used
      with a laptop pc for safety reasons because of the built-in
      transformer... or something. Does that help?



      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., Moritz v. Buttlar <info@b...> wrote:
      > Could you please point me to the free plans of the brainmaster ?
      > I´m curious what kind of isolation (optocoupers) they´re using for
      > Moritz
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