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255Re: How to distribute EEG ?

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  • e_e_ling@hotmail.com
    Apr 8, 2001
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      A very important point, and I guess it's about time we addressed it.

      I found out about this project from reading through the brainmaster
      mailing list archives and seeing several of Yaniv's posts. Yaniv was
      asking why the price of a pre-built brainmaster was so high
      ($1000) when the designs were free. From what I understand, the
      original aims of this project were for a cheap, bre-built eeg to be
      available to the public.

      I think this should not be much of a problem. I am no expert in this
      field, but I believe that a product has to be officially certified if
      we are making some kind of claim, e.g. "this is a medical device", etc
      etc. The Brainmaster is registered for clinical use and that is why
      the cost is so high. If you want a certified, recognised piece of
      hardware, you buy a brainmaster. If all you want is to measure your
      brainwaves, you buy our EEG.

      Also, *we* would not be selling the product. Our concern is not to
      make money for ourselves, or to set ourselves up as some kind of
      organisation, but to make EEG equipment available to whoever wants one
      (including us). There are 40 of us in this group, all with an
      interest in EEG. If we decide to have 40 machines made by a factory
      for our personal use, there should be no legal problem. Nobody is
      "selling" the EEG. If this is true (and we should check) then it
      should be the same with 100, 500, 1000 people.

      By the way, what do you mean by a do-it-yourself kit? Is it something
      that only an electronics expert can put together, or something that
      anyone can do given a little time and effort? If an idiot like me
      could do it then I guess we don't need to get them pre-made!



      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., Moritz v. Buttlar <info@b...> wrote:
      > Hi !
      > Maybe we should start a general discussion about this to
      > get some new ideas and to see what everybody thinks.
      > I thought the cheapeeg was meant as a do-it-yourself kit in order to
      > all kind of hassels associated with manufacturing and selling of
      > equipment.
      > If you sell a device you are the manufacturer and therefore
      responsible. If you
      > sell the parts separately and the buyer assembles it, he´s the
      manufacturer and
      > therefore responsible for the device.
      > I didn´t know the brainmaster design is freely available. In my
      opinion it´s no
      > big deal to get an eeg manufactured from our plans. There are a lot
      of companys
      > around specialised in this: you send them the plan, wait a month and
      get a
      > couple of hundreds (or thousands) of devices. Maybe financing it
      would be a
      > problem. But in order to sell the devices legally it must be (at
      least in
      > germany) tested by a special organization to comply to safety norms.
      > That´s the expensive part ! You have to give it to somebody who
      certifies it.
      > I think it costs maybe 10000$ or more. It also has to comply to
      > norms (different test).
      > After it has been certified the hardware design mustn´t be changed
      (or you have
      > to certify it again).
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