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247Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • e_e_ling@hotmail.com
    Apr 5, 2001

      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., Moritz v. Buttlar <info@b...> wrote:
      > My point is that we want to make a machine people can build by their
      own by
      > using our plans. This is different from designing a product that
      will be
      > manufactured in a factory.

      Is this our plan? If so, why are we doing this? The brainmaster
      designs are already free and cost $200 to build. I thought that the
      idea was to design a product and get it produced for us. Yaniv has
      approached manufacturers about building it (although I don't know how
      that's going). The only reason I haven't built a brainmaster myself
      is that I am too stupid to understand the instructions! Is our eeg
      for electronics experts only?

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