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244Re: [buildcheapeeg] Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • Moritz v. Buttlar
    Apr 5, 2001
      > I have 1 laptop with & 1 without IrDA & don't think $30 is
      > unreasonable, but it _is_ proabably a significant cost for some
      > people, especially considering how cheap the rest of the devide will
      > be. I think there are a lot of other machines on the market using
      > serial connections w. optic coupling.

      My point is that we want to make a machine people can build by their own by
      using our plans. This is different from designing a product that will be
      manufactured in a factory. If we want to recommend people to build their own
      from our plans, we have to make sure that they choose the right housing, only
      use exactly the same parts we used and so on. If they don�t follow our orders
      100% or if they decide on their own that some of our safety options aren�t
      necessary then the machine might be quite dangerous to use.
      That�s why I think if we implement batteries and infrared data communications
      people can make less mistakes when they build the device.

      If we want to mass-produce most of the devices then it wouldn�t make much of a

      > Rex Hartzell's Discovery
      > Engineering Inc. machine, for example. Lexicor connects their stuff
      > to the parallel port. As a non-geek, I don't know why you would want
      > to use serial rather than parallel, since I always though parallel
      > was inherently faster, carrying 8 bits at once instead of 1.

      It�s because the serial port is fast enough for our purpose. It�s easier
      to isolate because only 3 wires are necessary. And it doesn�t interfere with
      printers. There are also more computer-brands equipped with standard RS232
      ports then with parallel ports.

      Baltic Microsolutions / Flash Microcontroller Custom-Development
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