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229Re: [buildcheapeeg] Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • Moritz v. Buttlar
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Am Die, 03 Apr 2001 schrieben Sie:
      > You said:
      > > Finally, you mentioned you were in discussion with an electrode
      > > supplier. What kind of electrodes are you thinking of using? Is
      > it

      The electrodes I ordered are called "EEG-Pilzelektrode gesintert". They have
      the following shape:

      | <--- this holder has a hole inside to plug in a cable
      ------ <--- round (10mm) plate with special sponge-like material
      that can be wrapped around. This material can be soaked in saltwater. No gel
      needed !

      Then there�s a headband with holes in it that can be wrapped around the head.
      At the required position the holder part of the electrode can be put in the
      hole of the headband.

      Maybe I can send a picture when I get the electrodes. You can look at them (in
      german) at http://www.lazina.de/page_d/page_ele/eeg2_ele.htm

      About the website: Maybe we could start a manual voting. Everybody could send
      his/her favorite 3 names to me and I count them. What do you think ?

      Baltic Microsolutions / Flash Microcontroller Custom-Development
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