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228Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • rfphill@hotmail.com
    Apr 2, 2001
      You said:
      > Finally, you mentioned you were in discussion with an electrode
      > supplier. What kind of electrodes are you thinking of using? Is
      > possible to use flextrodes (from Brainmaster) which require no gel?

      In response to your question about flextrodes. A quick evaluation of
      this item and one might quickly realize how easily they can be
      constructed with the right materials. The electrodes themselves are
      standard cup types wrapped in a sponge (I think a cotton felt). The
      electrode holder itself might be difficult to duplicate as it might
      be a custom design. But careful inspection could yield a few
      alternatives for the mechanically minded. The holders are by far the
      most engineered aspect of the headgear, and it's two pieces of
      plastic (not to belittle it by any way, I would buy Flextrodes in a
      second if 200 dollars were easy to come by). That's an
      oversimplification of course, but I think an mechanical engineer
      could find a alternative design using off the shelf items in any
      hardware store. Add elastic and velcro and viola! Again, I think
      it's creator did a great job of designing a simple but effective
      alternative to the goop methods.

      The idea of using an electrolyte soaked sponge as a substitute for a
      dollop of paste is not new is it? I'm asking. In my web searches in
      search of an alternative to paste/gels without the cost of
      Flextrodes, I think I've seen a few ideas that were similar.
      Brainmaster has simply packaged the idea up in a sensible device in a
      sensible manner.

      I'm no engineer and a relative newcomer to NF so take my comments
      with a grain of salt, I guess. I'm just envisioning a companion
      design doc illustrating the building of a cheap "flextrode"-type
      headgear using readily available items (to go along with a cheap eeg
      design doc).
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