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223Re: [buildcheapeeg] Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • Moritz v. Buttlar
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Am Mon, 02 Apr 2001 schrieben Sie:
      > Eric & Company--A couple of thoughts:
      > First, on the issue of safety--it may very well be possible for
      > someone to come to harm with brainwave training. For example, Theta
      > is reported by some to be a somewhat seizure-genic state, so a person
      > (such as an epileptic) who increases his theta production may be
      > putting himself at somewhat higher risk of seizures. Also, people
      > with traumatic histories who do alpha-theta training may increase the
      > likelihood of getting flashbacks or other highly unpleasant PTSD
      > symptoms. These are very useful effects when they occur in therapy,
      > but can be quite rough on someone who doesn't know what they are or
      > why they are happening.

      Anybody here who could write some legal disclaimer text ? I think if we put the
      schematics in the net we should also include some kind of text just to make

      > Second, on the IR versus optic isolation issue, I agree that IR
      > may be a problem for some people, although I guess that there are
      > ways of getting a desktop to work with an IR keyboard, etc. How
      > expensive is an add-on like this? Anybody know?

      There are IrDA Add-ons available. Most mainboards have an IrDA connector
      on board. You just have to buy a little box with the sensor and a cable and
      plug it into the mainboard. I think it costs 20-40$.


      Baltic Microsolutions / Flash Microcontroller Custom-Development
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