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219Re: Hardware status (cheapeeg)

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  • peterson@discover-net.net
    Apr 1, 2001
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      Eric & Company--A couple of thoughts:
      First, on the issue of safety--it may very well be possible for
      someone to come to harm with brainwave training. For example, Theta
      is reported by some to be a somewhat seizure-genic state, so a person
      (such as an epileptic) who increases his theta production may be
      putting himself at somewhat higher risk of seizures. Also, people
      with traumatic histories who do alpha-theta training may increase the
      likelihood of getting flashbacks or other highly unpleasant PTSD
      symptoms. These are very useful effects when they occur in therapy,
      but can be quite rough on someone who doesn't know what they are or
      why they are happening.
      Second, on the IR versus optic isolation issue, I agree that IR
      may be a problem for some people, although I guess that there are
      ways of getting a desktop to work with an IR keyboard, etc. How
      expensive is an add-on like this? Anybody know?

      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., e_e_ling@h... wrote:
      > Moritz
      > Thanks for your detailed reply, I am now using your information for
      > the news page.
      > Does IrDA mean the eeg can only be used with a notebook pc? If
      > is the case, I think it would really restrict public interest in
      > system as most people have desktop PCs. The brainmaster works on a
      > desktop so for most desktop owners it would be cheaper to buy a
      > brainmaster for their existing pc ($1000) than to buy our system
      and a
      > new notebook ($2000?). Did I understand you correctly or can IrDA
      > used with desktops?
      > I agree that we need to fulfil some kind of safety criteria, but
      > it doesn't have to be done immediately. As long as the eeg is
      > i.e. won't blow up/electrocute us, it should be ok for us each to
      > a test version for a few weeks; then we can make further
      > to the design and research safety standards before releasing it to
      > public... what do people think?
      > As for the manufacturers of expensive EEG and the pharmaceutical
      > companies... of course they won't like our cheapeeg! So yes, we
      > to be careful, but we have to remember one thing: an EEG provides
      > information. It measures brainwaves. That's it. It has no effect
      > the user at all, unless that user actively engages in biofeedback
      > training. I don't believe biofeedback can have any harmful
      > consequences but in any case it is the user's choice, so I really
      > don't think we should be worried about this.
      > What are "mignon NiMH" batteries? I did a web search and all the
      > matching sites were in Germany - is it a german battery? Will this
      > a problem for the rest of us?
      > Finally, you mentioned you were in discussion with an electrode
      > supplier. What kind of electrodes are you thinking of using? Is
      > possible to use flextrodes (from Brainmaster) which require no gel?
      > Regards
      > Eric
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