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  • yaniv_vi@yahoo.com
    Sep 25, 2000
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      hi folks
      so you want to help us make cheap personal eeg a reality ,
      very good of you , and i wish us all sucsessfull ,interesting project.

      now let's get on to the work :
      basicly i think that we should be composed of 3 teams
      hadrware - responsiblity for h.w. design including enclosure design
      software - responsiblity for software design including drivers
      electrodes - responsibility for the availability of comfortable ,
      low cost simple to use electrodes.
      marketing - responsible for all marketing .

      i think the first thing is to work on a basic design document
      and an interface document .
      and another important things , is that we should have a way to set
      meetings togheter , and chat online .
      and one more thing , i think that's valuable that we would
      have a list of members , responsibilites and knowldge of each person.
      so we could help each other .

      looking forward to working with all of you
      yaniv v.