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138Re: [buildcheapeeg] changing the design for battery power and Irda

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  • Moritz v. Buttlar
    Feb 7, 2001
      > > PS: TI offers free samples of INA114 (up to 8) for development engineers :)
      > > They are really friendly with samples now.
      > That sounds very good. Do they want to see any legitimations ?

      As far as I know, they don�t really want to see any legitimations. You just
      have to sign up for their TI&Me program. Maybe it�s because I have registered
      some TI software and some DSP/�C starter kits on my name, but I don�t think
      that makes any difference.

      Just try it out :)


      Baltic Microsolutions / Flash Microcontroller Custom-Development
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