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136Re: [buildcheapeeg] changing the design for battery power and Irda

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  • Joerg Hansmann
    Feb 7, 2001

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      From: Moritz v. Buttlar <info@...>
      To: <buildcheapeeg@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 11:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [buildcheapeeg] changing the design for battery power and Irda

      > > BTW. How much voltage drop has a low drop voltage regulator and how much supply
      > > current does it need ?
      > That´s not the problem. It takes µA and needs a couple ov mV voltage drop. But
      > most of these lowdropout regulators are in really tiny smd packages...

      What do you think of this idea:
      The board layout will be equipped with smd pads for a low drop voltage regulator.
      People who do not want the regulator simply short the pads with solder, and
      those who want to have stabilized voltage simply insert the smd regulator.

      > CU,
      > Moritz
      > PS: TI offers free samples of INA114 (up to 8) for development engineers :)
      > They are really friendly with samples now.

      That sounds very good. Do they want to see any legitimations ?


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