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128Re: [buildcheapeeg] changing the design for battery power and Irda

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  • Doug Sutherland
    Feb 5, 2001
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      > Joergs design

      I'm a bit confused about what is happening with this 'buildcheapeeg'
      effort. My understanding is that Yaniv created this group for the
      'cheap eeg' but I am very unclear on status of these efforts. I am
      also unclear on whether "Joergs Design" and the "Build Cheap EEG"
      efforts are the same thing. Is Joerg's design the one that is for
      the buildcheapeeg effort, or is it separate? Yaniv mentioned on the
      Brainmaster list that there was a design that worked well. Is it
      Joerg's design that is being referenced? Is the "build cheap eeg"
      hardware design available for viewing? I'm a hardware, software,
      and networking geek who worked at JavaSoft (Sun) for the past
      four years, and I'm starting to work on Java software for the
      brainmaster. But I'm interested in hearing more about these efforts.
      Can anyone shed some light on this? Where are the specs?


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