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126changing the design for battery power and Irda

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  • Moritz v. Buttlar
    Feb 4, 2001
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      Hi !

      I�m currently trying to add to Joergs design the following options:

      - battery operation (4 mignon cells, rechargeable, 4.5-6V, operation >12 hrs)
      I want to connect the battery directly to the circuit without voltage
      regulation. Or is this a bad idea ??

      - Irda communcation. I�m currently looking for parts. Speed up to 115kbauds,
      distance 1-2m. Joerg: is this fast enough ??
      The components will cost <10$. I�ll also add a circuit diagram for a
      RS232<-->Irda interface for all the people who don�t have irda in their pc.
      I first wanted plastic fibre, but I think Irda has the advantage of most
      modern notebooks having already been equipped with Irda.
      It can be updated later for 4Mbps operation !

      - the design will consist of 2 circuit boards: analog and digital.
      This allows an update of the different parts independently. Also different
      versions, e.g. dc-dc converter and regular rs232 for people who prefer that.

      The goal is to improve safety of the design. Please write me if you have any


      Baltic Microsolutions / Flash Microcontroller Custom-Development
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