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1213Re: comADC-EEG

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  • Vladimir.K
    Oct 4, 2001
      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., "Joerg Hansmann" <info@j...> wrote:

      > It is a quick and dirty prototype. The GUI is not finished.
      > All setup is via #define in the source.
      > So if you want to run it on your PC you probably
      > have to make some adjustments and recompile
      > it with DJGPP (and the allegro gaming library).
      > If you are not scared until now, I can mail you the
      > source code and/or the executable.
      > Regards,
      > Joerg

      I've finished older variant of comADC-EEG , the gameport.
      ( I used TLC272 and 9V Battery).
      Now, I am reading gameport on old Linux box and sending to
      other machine (W98) to Electric Guru.

      Even some experiment with kernel Real Time extension ( KURT ) and
      altering parameters in joystick driver, results are not perfect. It's
      only 120MHz Pentium.

      I would like to try your code for DOS, so if you can, send me, please
      it. (gogol101@...)

      One curiosity:
      I didnt think that 9V is dangerous, but when I mesured resitance of
      EEG electrod ( home made saline type ) I got el. shock and becaus
      I had electrode on forehead near eye so I saw light flash.
      ( I have 9V battery in Ohmmeter).

      If I remember, you said that RS232EEG is limited to 8( or 6 ) channels
      for limited bandwith on RS232 ( 115 kbaud).
      I was suprised when I saw on Linux possible setting for 230 and 460
      kbaud. I am curious if so high speed is real.

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