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1182Re: [buildcheapeeg] Re: Alpha/Theta feedback

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  • Joerg Hansmann
    Sep 2, 2001
      Hi yaniv,

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      Subject: [buildcheapeeg] Re: Alpha/Theta feedback

      > hi
      > is sound great , working with open eeg .
      > how do you feel ? how's alpha feedback feels ?

      When I manage to get the Alpha-feedback sound constant
      with maximum amplitude for a while, my body is in a relaxed
      state with slow breath and enhanced peripheral bloodflow.
      (e.g. warm feeling in hands and feet )

      It is a state with calm emotions without willing or wanting
      and a relaxed focus. (In fact each time I tried to focus
      on different features of the current state, I fell back into Beta)

      Thinking is possible but somehow "light" (opposed to a kind
      of heavyness in the waking state).
      Another observation is that the feeling of myself (the "I") is
      diminished and replaced by some sort of emptiness.

      There were no spontaneous inner pictures or memories.


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