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1179Re: [buildcheapeeg] Alpha/Theta feedback

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  • frans smith
    Sep 2, 2001
      Hi Joerg how are you  ?,
      I i'm not sure wheter  i understand the  question.
      (is it a technical question or related to medtitation ?)
      From your writting i get the impression you cannot
      do theta training, that is you don't produce theta ?
      1. I thougth the EEG should be adjusted to filter Alpha
      so as to give feedback to the practionar.
      2. If theta is the main goal, then the same for theta.
      3. If you would like to enter these states, then naturally
         (i guess) the first step is to become familliar with re-
         laxation (alpha).  However, from what i know, alpha can
         be improved at different places (front, back).
         If you do first relaxation, then if correct you automaticly
         enter alpha state, that is if you don't let your thougths
         up-set you. (visualize something nice).
         Alpha is if i'm rigth a state before sleeping, but it's easy
         to learn to enter this state and then use the state for
         programming yor-self etc.
      4. Theta goes deeper, one must be good in meditation or
          self-hypnosis. On the other hand, the use of software
          can speed up this process. Theta is seen in hypnosis,
          and sleep. I guess if you want theta, then you must be
          able to meditate. When you close your eyes alpha is
          present, if you just relax alpha is present, but perhaps
          you should learn meditation or mind-control to reach the
          theta state.
      5. Inner perception: If in alpha on must try and "feel" this
          state to learn the different between tension and relax,
          the inner state then in theta is not easy to explain.
          From what i know, some people have evil images, while
          others have visions, i don' t know. It is said one comes
          (or can) come in cntact with the sub-conciousness.
          When i did a course in Silva Mind Control, they used
          a sort of hypnosis to "program" us to reach that state.
          i'm not sure wheter i did. In theta it had to be possible
          to do "arm levitation" that is without normal force, the
          arm would rise due to suggestion. Few claimed they
          could do it, but i'm not sure. it can be done however, but
          you must use kind of protocoll to relax and go deeper
          in trance, EEG only gives information on your progress.
          Inner perception is (i guess) someting you can only
          experience and tell for your self. Try to find a book of
          Silva mind control by Jose Silva.
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      Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 1:41 PM
      Subject: [buildcheapeeg] Alpha/Theta feedback


      since about 5 days I am using the comEEG prototype for
      Alpha/Theta audio-feedback. Electrode positions for
      1 channel are Cz - A2
      (A2 should be right ear lobe. Is that right ? My picture with electrode-
      positions is a little bit unclear).

      Audio-feedback is given using two sine-wave oscillators (one lower
      frequency for Theta and one higher frequency to indicate Alpha)
      which amplitudes are controlled by the geometric addition
      (root sum of squares) of the FFT output for each frequency band.

      If a (fixed) threshold of 25uV is met, the feedback sound
      is played at a low volume. A voltage between 25uV and 50uV increases
      the volume and everything above 50uV is played at maximum volume.

      With this setup I have been able to increase Alpha (lying position, eyes
      closed), so that the Alpha-feedback sound is played nearly 100% of time.

      However I have no idea how to get significant Theta.

      What am I doing wrong ?
      Should I train Alpha with higher thresholds first ?

      And what is the great difference in
      inner perception between Alpha and Theta ?



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