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  • yaniv_vi@yahoo.com
    Aug 2, 2001
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      one question :what do you doing in hollyweird ? you electronics
      engineer ?
      i think rob sacks gave a pretty good summary , but :
      1. about the aim of the group - to my opinion - the goal is not kit
      but such an option that people can buy nfb at low cost .
      and i see many serious people in this group towards this .this
      is also my personal goal , the reason i started this group ,
      and i know this would be the end result !

      2. about things you can do :
      -you mentioned you're electronics engineer .
      can you designer irda interface or some infra red interface ?
      (uart to infra to rs232) ?
      -soon we think on demoing to universities .
      so we may need help on this .
      -building prototypes like you said .
      -contact with the lady that works in biofeedback company.
      one problem is that they don't make troubles for the group
      -helping in finding cheap electrodes , design good electrodes and
      all this stuff . really here we need somebody who will
      be resposible for the electrodes issue .
      -helping to find people to work with us .

      basicly i think the better ways you can help (according to your back
      ground) :
      infra red interface , and being responsible of electrodes design .
      and of course the most important is helping to find people that
      would work with us .
      but if you like other stuff better , you choose , it's democracy
      here :)

      3. about ekg - after fisnishin a 2 channel eeg version and getting
      it on the market i think that we'll have a few version to work on,
      and one of them is a very low cost machien that does multi
      modality biofeedback and neurofeedback . that would be
      interesting :) but you'll have to wait a bit .

      sincerly , yaniv vilnai .
      --- In buildcheapeeg@y..., "Pete Barth" <petebart@p...> wrote:
      > Hello to the group,
      > from Pete Barth, a newbie!
      > I have NO software experience but can help with hardware.
      > I got here trying to see if there was anything offered in kit form
      > newer and more modern than the Hal-4 I had built when it first came
      > I wish I still had it but it is gone. Unless there is anything
      better I will
      > probably build one on perf board.
      > I have heard about the RS232EEG but have not been able to find it.
      > I want to build an EEG, and an EKG also. If any can point me in the
      > direction - etc.
      > I am a ham and have prototyped stuff since 1954. Now an engineer at
      a film
      > studio in Holly-weird.
      > I will prototype engineering samples for you guys to hold up my end
      since I
      > don't program.
      > Also, for troubleshooting your software systems design, a fellow
      > dates a lady that works for a commercial company that mfg's clinical
      > bio-feedback equipment, and I can ask her for help.
      > How many people are dedicated and active here?
      > If someone wants to discuss stuff with me I will call you on the
      phone if
      > given a number.
      > Thanks for any help.
      > Pete
      > petebart@p...
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