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Help me identify a big scary bug

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  • CllRob2@aol.com
    Looks like a Dobson Fly or to me. The adults don t feed according to a Texas website, (_http://insects.tamu.edu/fieldguide/bimg121.html_
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 5, 2010
      Looks like a Dobson Fly or to me.  The adults don't feed according to a Texas website, (http://insects.tamu.edu/fieldguide/bimg121.html for the Texas A&M System AgriLIFE EXTENSION) and the immature stages are commonly called hellgrammites.  They are predators of other aquatic insects and other organisms in the water.  Check a search for "Neuroptera: Corydalidae), male, and see if it looks familiar.  You may also want to search for Alderflies as they are similar but smaller.
      The adult male Dobson flies have long mandibles for grasping the females when mating, and because of their length would make feeding difficult.
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