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Re: [bugclub] UK Beetle ID: clutching at straws!

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  • Andy Mabbett
    In article , Kieren Pitts writes ... He second certainly looked like what I
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2001
      In article <EXECMAIL.1010226185025.J@...>, Kieren
      Pitts <Kieren.Pitts@...> writes
      >From your picture the beetle "looks" like a Varied Carpet beetle.
      >Without actually seeing it I can't be sure. Have a look at the
      >websites below. In my experience these beetles tend to look like
      >those depicted on the first site rather than the browner version
      >on the second, see what you think:
      >Hope this helps

      He second certainly looked like what I found, which is not good news :-(

      Fortunately, I found no sign of damage to clothes or other fabrics;
      let's just hope I didn't find a female who had recently laid eggs!
      Andy Mabbett

      Statistics explained: Your head is in an oven, your feet are in a
      freezer, but, on average, you're comfortable.

      Editor's note:
      I'm glad my email was of some help. I wouldn't worry about the beetle too much though. Unless you find more of them or the larvae then chances are your clothes etc will be fine. Cheers Kieren
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