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    Jan 8, 2014
      Hi Graham,

      The only species I can think of at that size and time of year is the Buff-tip. They wii feed on most trees and are gregarious in their early stages so usually around in significant numbers.

      Best wishes


      On 7 Jan 2014, at 13:23, Graeme Stroud wrote:

      Hi BugClub,
      Bit of a forlorn hope this one, but you never know . . .
      Autumn before last, I found a tree that was infested with caterpillars.
      Not that yucky silk-web kind of infested, just that there were lots of caterpillars on this tree, and it was only a small tree, 10 or 12 feet high.
      The caterpillars were not very well marked – a bit like the larvae of the large white butterfly, quite pale, but with no easily-defined markings or easily-described pattern.
      But they were large – easily 4 inches long.
      I thought I might be able to identify them by the food plant, but I didn’t recognise the tree either; I think it was some kind of nut tree.
      It was in a tiny front garden in a grubby terrace in Swanscombe, North Kent.
      I didn’t have my camera with me, and by the time I was next in the area, they had all gone.
      Next year, they cut the tree down.
      The reason I haven’t asked before is that the question is so vague: What kind of caterpillar grows to 4 inches long, has vague markings, and lives on an unknown tree?
      Anyone any theories?
      Many thanks,

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