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6143Re: [bugclub] Jersey Tiger Moth + Crane Fly [2 Attachments]

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  • gillvance@btinternet.com
    Sep 30, 2013
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      Hi Graeme - this is my 1st ever post to bug club.
      I spotted a Jersey Tiger moth in a garden in Montpelier Rd, Peckham in August. We had never seen anything quite like it so we googled straight away and it was definately a Jersey Tiger - absolutely beautiful. I'm afraid we didn't get a shot of it - no camera handy - but we did get a really good look so there's no mistake. The colours looked a lot brighter than your shot - in particular the white/beige stripes looked more yellow - but that could just be the contrast/sunshine I guess.
      I read they were only found in the Channel Islands. I assumed the information must be out of date and that they had perhaps become common as far north as London - so I'm excited to read your posting.
      I'd love to hear what other responses you get - how far north has the furthest Jersey Tiger got??

      Gill Vance (from North Yorkshire - where we don't expect to see Jersey Tigers for quite some time!).

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      Hi BugClub,
      Sorry to be so late with this sighting.
      I was walking home from work about a month ago, when a tiger moth flew past my face and landed high up in the bushes.
      I managed to get a fairly blurry shot (attached) of it using zoom, and assumed it was a garden tiger.
      It was only this weekend, as I was looking it up to get the Latin name, that I realised it wasn’t a garden tiger at all, but a Jersey tiger.
      Now both of my books, which are pretty recent and up-to-date, say this is only found in the coastal west country.
      But this was in Gravesend, North Kent, about 50 miles from the south and east coasts.
      Does anyone have any more recent distribution info than this?
      While I’m at it, is anyone able to ID the attached crane fly I photographed on the same day?
      Many thanks,
      Comma Oil  Chemicals Limited
      Dering Way, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2QX
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