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Hi Folks, Can anyone identify the bug in the photos. It is found two months a year at my home in San Diego Ca. either May/June or June/July or July/August,
Jean Spafford
Apr 17
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Re: Please help identify this butterfly/moth

Hi, It looks like a really beat up and wet comet moth Argema mittrei to me which are native to Madagascar. Cheers, Will Sent from my iPhone
Will Bernstein
Apr 17

Please help identify this butterfly/moth

I took a photo of this butterfly/moth in a butterfly house in the Ecuador rainforest a few years ago. I would like to submit the photo into a nature
Apr 16
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please help identify this caterpillar

Can anyone identify this (see attached). Is it poisonous? Thanks. Mike
Apr 11
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Native Australian bee

Do you know the specific species? I have lots of these around my basil flowers when it's sunny outside.
Apr 6
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Re: Bug ID

Agreed:  Xylocopa sp. of some sort. On Wednesday, April 1, 2015 12:56 PM, "Matt Smith matsmith60@... [bugclub]" wrote:  
Patrick 'Sarge' Murray
Apr 1

Re: Bug ID

Male Carpenter Bee. From: "Bill Klipp billklipp@... [bugclub]" To: "bugclub@yahoogroups.com" Sent:
Matt Smith
Apr 1

Bug ID

I need help identifying a flying bug I came across this march in Havana Cuba. It was hovering for a long time near a potted plant on a rooftop.
Bill Klipp
Apr 1

Fly with red thorax

Photographed this week in San Jose, CA. The fly is resting on a California Lilac bush. Any idea what it is? Bill
Mar 29
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Identification Help Please

Hi, I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if I'm not providing enough information. But I need some help identifying a bug I found today (please see
Ryoma Sakamoto
Mar 28
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Re: Help!!

Hi Mary, The caterpillar in the picture resembles that of the Common Crow butterfly ( Euploea core). This butterfly is common in India and Australia. This
    Vidhya Swaminathan
    Mar 16
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    Re: Help!!

    Hi David,thanks for your reply....I live near Gympie on the Fraser Coast,in Qld ,Australia.....kind regards Mary. ... From: David Howdon
    Mar 15

    Re: Help!!

    What is the location? ... -- David Howdon (http://freespace.virgin.net/david.howdon/)
    David Howdon
    Mar 15

    Re: Thought these were snails - but they're walking [2 Attachments]

    Indeed it is, you certainly pointed me in the right direction and I managed to find this page http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7408.html
    Mar 15


    Hi there...i have an unusual type of caterpillar sucking the leaves of my Ficus tree..could anyone identifie it please? Thank you...Mary
      Mar 15
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