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Chips For Sat Happy Canada Day

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  • William Brabant
    The one weekend a month I get off is finally here and I intend to enjoy every minute. LynnLynn s Links received a letter yesterdaythat dragged me back 25
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2000
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      The one weekend a month I get off is finally here and I intend to
      enjoy every minute. LynnLynn's Links received a letter yesterdaythat
      dragged me back 25 years. It contained a group of modern Hare
      Krishna links and as I closed my eyes I was back in O'Hare airport
      watching the groups of them chanting and dancing through the
      airport , collecting money for their organization . Colorful,
      musical and about as welcome as a swarm of houseflies. In uniform I
      was a prime target and one approached with an armful of books. I
      picked up speed and approached the safety of the metal detectors
      and the walkway to the gates. Only paying passengers were allowed
      past that point and he knew it . he caught up several feet before
      the gate and asked if I would like a book. I said ,"No Thank you".
      He said , "But Brother John Lennon paid for it and shoved the book
      into my hands". The gate was feet away now and he said "would you
      like to make a donation" ? I asked "for what"?. He said " To pay for
      the book". I replied " But Brother Lennon paid for it " and entered
      the metal detectors . He argued with the security person for a few
      seconds and then gave up.. I bet his life was not happy that night
      heh heh.
      Well I was going to play Brother John Lennons Hare Krishna for
      dinner music tonight but I don't have it anymore. Oh well here's some
      Ted Nugent Great White Buffalo instead and enjoy your chips.


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