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Clean Chips For 9-1-11

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  • William Brabant
    Clean Clean Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining us. My name is Buffalo and I have the watch. Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining
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      Clean Clean

      Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining us. My
      name is Buffalo and I have the watch.

      Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining us. My
      name is Buffalo and I have the watch.

      Party on
      dudes and Ms. Nutt was the first telephone operator.

      1 Emma M. Nutt Day

      2 National Beheading Day

      3 Skyscraper Day

      4 Newspaper Carrier Day

      5 Cheese Pizza Day

      6 Fight Procrastination Day

      6 Read a Book Day

      7 Neither Rain nor Snow Day

      8 Pardon Day

      9 Teddy Bear Day

      10 Sewing Machine Day

      10 Swap Ideas Day

      11 Make Your Bed Day

      11 No News is Good News Day

      12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day

      13 Defy Superstition Day

      13 Fortune Cookie Day

      13 National Peanut Day

      14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day

      15 Make a Hat Day

      15 Felt Hat Day

      16 Collect Rocks Day

      16 Step Family Day

      16 National Play Doh Day

      17 National Apple Dumpling Day

      18 National Cheeseburger Day

      19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day

      19 National Butterscotch Pudding Day

      19 POW/MIA Recognition Day

      20 National Punch Day

      21 Miniature Golf Day

      21 World Gratitude Day

      22 Business Women's Day

      22 Elephant Appreciation Day

      23 Checkers Day

      23 Dog in Politics Day

      24 National Cherries Jubilee Day

      25 National Comic Book Day

      26 Johnny Appleseed Day

      27 Crush a Can Day

      27 International Rabbit Day

      28 Ask a Stupid Question Day

      29 Confucius Day

      30 National Mud Pack Day

      Enjoy the Chips .. buffalo


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      Short Chips

      A 10pm curfew was imposed in Blondeville.

      Everybody had to be off the streets or risk being
      put in jail. However one citizen was arrested at
      9.45 pm.

      "Why did you do that?" the soldier was asked by his
      superior officer.

      "I know where he lives," he replied, "and he wouldn't
      have made it."


      Two Blondes had this mule that was a very hard
      worker. The only problem was every time they went
      to put the mule back in his stall, his ears would
      brush the top of the entrance and then the old
      mule would go nuts and kick everything.

      One day, the Blondes decided to cut a opening in
      the top of the stall, to prevent this from happening.
      While they were working, a neighbor stopped by
      and asked what they were doing, so they explained
      the problem.

      The neighbor suggested that they could save a lot
      of work and time if they simply took a shovel and
      dug the entrance down a little bit.

      The Blondes thanked their neighbor and he drove off.

      Then the one Blonde said to the other, "Some stupid
      neighbor we have! It's not his feet that's too long. It's
      his ears!"



      Can You hear Me

      Can you Say HEMI!

      canadian hunter


      Senior Chips

      I used to laugh at the joke about my back going out more than I do
      Until I turned the ripe young age of sixty-two

      Now every morning when I get out of bed
      I hear snap, crackle, pop in my head

      No, it's not the thought of breakfast cereal you see
      The cracking and popping are my right and then left knee

      I ask myself, "Will they work today? What is the chance?"
      "Will they get me to the bathroom before I wet my pants?"

      Yes, the senior life is lots of fun
      As your body parts break down one by one

      We used to only worry about germs
      Now we have to learn all those new terms

      Cholesterol levels are very confusing
      LDL is bad HDL is good it's almost amusing

      Keeping track of your blood pressure becomes a daily routine
      Is it high or low or somewhere in between

      The other day someone told me my hearing was bad too
      My eyes aren't what they used to be so I couldn't tell you who

      Your medicine cabinet has over flowed to the drawer under the sink
      I can't remember which pills I've taken but, I know one of them was
      supposed to help me think

      Things that go up are now coming down
      Even when I smile it looks like a frown

      I figure the next 20 years should be great
      After all, I have nothing left to break


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      Nuclear Chips

      20 Worst Things To Hear At A Nuclear Power Plant

      Fission shmission, relax, I'll increase the water level after my
      coffee break.

      Was that "Open valve A and close valve B" or was it the other way

      This whole plant will be running under Windows tomorrow.

      HEY! Is smoke coming out of the core normal?

      Who forgot to pay the water bill?

      We got 12 seconds to WHAT????

      Meet your new plan superintendent: Bozo the clown.

      A leak? Can't you fix it with duct tape or something?

      Oh yeah! 50 bucks says I can make it blow.

      It's Russian technology.

      Move over Three Mile Island - here we come!!!

      Sniff, sniff.... you smell that?

      I used to work at Chernobyl.

      All the way to the RIGHT, not LEFT you dummy!

      It's your turn to wax the core.

      How come all the big shots are leaving?

      Is that a 60 minute film crew out there?

      Is this part really necessary?

      OF COURSE I went to high school. Didn't finish it, though.

      Look at the good news: we are going to find out whether people
      actually glow in the dark.


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      Short Chips

      The word Shnorrer in Yiddish means - A beggar who makes pretensions
      to respectability; sponger, basically a parasite. Bearing this
      definition in mind, I found some Shnorrer jokes The shnorrer comes
      to Goldstein for his monthly handout.
      He knocks on the door, but there is no reply. He knocks again, and
      a disheveled-looking Goldstein answers the door.

      "What's the matter," asks the shnorrer. "Is something wrong?"

      "I've gone bankrupt," says Goldstein, "haven't you heard?"

      "Certainly I've heard," says the shnorrer.

      "Then what do you want from me?" asks Goldstein.

      The shnorrer says, "Ten cents on the dollar."

      = = = = = =

      Mrs. Berger, feeling sorry for a shnorrer who appeared at her door,
      invited him in and gave him a substantial meal: chicken, kugel,
      wine, and two kinds of bread ... black bread and challah.

      The shnorrer devoured everything he was given, except the black
      bread. "The challah was wonderful," he said. "Do you have any

      "My dear man," said Mrs. Berger, "we have plenty of black bread,
      but challah is very expensive."

      "I know," said the shnorrer. "But believe me, lady, it's worth it."

      = = = = = =

      A merchant who is known to be remiss in paying his bills is seen
      haggling with a wholesaler.

      "Why bother," he is asked. "You won't pay the guy anyway, so why
      all the bargaining?"

      "I like him," said the shnorrer merchant, "and I want to help keep
      down his losses."


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      Golf Chips

      A lady golfer visits a driving range to tone up before a game. She
      is about to drive her first ball off the mat when she notices the
      man next to her.

      "Pardon me, sir" she said. "You are aiming in the wrong direction -
      back towards the golf shop."

      "Oy! - tanks for dat. Vitout you, I vouldn't know. I'm half blind."

      He then turned around and started hitting out into the range. After
      a few minutes, he asked the lady how he was doing.

      "Not bad." she answered. "Most of your shots are straight and fairly
      long. Only a few of them are slicing."

      "Tanks, again, Miss." he replied. "Vitout you telling, I vouldn't
      know dese tings."

      A few shots later, he inquired again. "Do you mind I should ask a
      poisonal qvestion?"

      "Not at all," she replied.

      "I don't do vell vit the ladies. Am I ugly or fett or vat ?"

      "You're quite presentable," she replied. "I don't think that
      is your problem.

      Smiling now, he exulted, "Vat a relief. I vas always afraid to ask.
      Again, I got to tank you."

      He was about to hit another ball when the girl interrupted him. "Do
      you mind if I give you a bit of advice?" she asked.

      "Vit gladness, dank gott. All the help you got I vill take." he

      "Get rid of your Jewish accent" she replied. "
      .....You're Chinese."


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      Riddle Chips


      Why do geese make lousy drivers?
      They're always honking

      Why do they put telephone wires so high?
      To keep up the conversation

      What animal is best at hitting in baseball?
      The bat

      Why do leopards have a hard time hiding?
      Because they are always spotted

      What did the beaver say to the tree?
      Nice knawing you


      Toon Chips

      Call Cab




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      Blonde Chips

      Two sisters wanted to get a new mattress for their mother's antique
      bed, as a gift. The problem was they weren't sure what to get,
      because the bed was an odd size. Fortunately, the blonde sister
      happened to be visiting their mother one day when her sister called

      "Measure the bed frame before you leave," sister two told her blonde

      "I don't have a tape measure." replied the blonde.

      "You can use a dollar bill," suggested her sister. "Each one is six
      inches long."

      "I can't," the blonde sibling replied, after digging through her
      purse, "I only have a ten and a twenty."


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      Parting Chips

      Martha and Stumpy, a young married couple, were sitting on a porch

      Martha asked, "Stumpy, do you think my eyes are beautiful?"

      He answered, "Uh-huh."

      In a few moments, she asked: "Stumpy, do you think my hair is

      Again he answered, "Uh-huh." A few minutes later, Martha asked,
      "Stumpy, would you say that I have a nice figure?"

      Once again he answered, "Uh-huh."

      'Oh, Stumpy," she said, "You say the nicest things."


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      Katie's Komfort Kolumn - Written By BJ Cassady

      Katie's Komfort Kolumn
      Vol 2094

      Sandi, Rudy and Dad

      BJ: I have to ask Sandi, why me, and why not
      stay in Caldwell with Rudy?

      Sandi thinks a bit before answering: I did stay in
      Caldwell for a while remember. I stayed with Rudy
      and mom and Val. It was just you and Katie for several
      months remember?

      BJ: Yes, I remember.

      Sandi: How did you feel during that time?

      BJ: I was lonely.. I missed my companion.

      Sandi: It was difficult, maybe more so for me.
      I had Rudy with me, but he became a primary parent for
      Val and they became quite close. So I yearned for you.
      Every Sunday when you left, you gave me a choice, remember?

      BJ: Yes, you would go between my car and the house, back
      and forth, but you chose the house.

      Sandi: Then one Sunday, I chased you when you drove

      BJ: But you did not get in the car...

      Sandi: Yes, I almost got in the car..but went back to
      the house. When you left, I felt my heart leaving.
      The next Sunday, I went with you and my heart was full.
      We are of one spirit and should not be separated.

      BJ: Hug time.

      The herd


      Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean


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