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For Sat Happy Ground Hogs Day

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  • B.Brabant
    Clean Clean Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining us. My name is Buffalo and I have the watch. All Right!!! Who sent winter back up here?? I woke
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Clean Clean

      Welcome to Buffalosjokes and Thank You for joining us. My
      name is Buffalo and I have the watch.

      All Right!!! Who sent winter back up here?? I woke up
      this morning all set to go pick up my check and pay
      some bills and instead found snow everywhere. There
      was close to a foot on the yard side of the car and sidewalk
      and on the street side, where the plow had been through,
      the snow was up to my door handles. After cursing the plow
      driver and all his ancestors , I fired up the snowblower which
      started on the fourth pull, just as I was ready to go get the
      extension cord. Forty- five minutes later I had carved out a
      space around the car and as I fired it up I saw the plow
      coming back up the street again. I was dressed in snow
      covered Carhartt Arctic gear and gave my best " Don't mess
      with the Great White Buffalo" look to the driver. It must have
      had an impact because he never returned to do my side of
      the street again.
      Picked up the daughter, stopped at work for my paycheck,
      and after I figured I'd better stop by the ISP and pay for this
      month after I had riled them up this week. As I pulled up to the
      unplowed curb and got out a Jeep Cherokee pulled up behind
      me and stopped. A young National Guardsman got out and asked
      me if I was stuck . I thanked him for stopping and explained I was
      only paying bills and he drove off . That is not uncommon courtesy
      in the Great White North during a snowstorm, it is common courtesy
      and I am glad to see it is something that has not been forgotten.

      Enjoy the chips and daughter turns 21 at midnight Saturday..


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      Dear Buffalo: Now I am also hooked on your 'adult list'. Hmmmmmmm

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      expecting a baby, and I don't know if I'm going to be an uncle or an

      Jim Finks, New Orleans Saints General Manager, when asked after a
      loss what he thought of the refs: "I'm not allowed to comment on
      lousy no good officiating."

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      From The Buffalos Mail Box

      Around the scuttlebutt with the Buffalo
      ( A modern scuttlebutt is a water cooler and on old ships as sailors stood
      around the water cask rumors, sea stories and useful info was spread )

      Hi Buffalo
      It's me again, and when I read what BJ wrote about his Mom, I just had to
      write. I am sure his Mom is everything he wrote about, but we both know
      our Mom only raised one pure angel. Look it up, Catherine means
      Our Mom is truly a WOMAN OF THE CENTURY.
      I know raising me was easy, but the other 9 of y'all was truly a real
      challenge, just look at everything she has managed.
      Our Mother has shaped the ideals of 10 children,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10
      children, if anyone told me I was destined to bear,
      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BEAR, I would have died at the thought. But she
      raised us all equally, knowing she loved me the best, and treated y'all just
      as good.
      Ten kids give you more than gray hair and ulcers............ just try to
      imagine your 0ne or two kids multiplied.
      I know I have to call her OUR MOTHER, but down here in Texas all by myself,
      I think of her as MY MOTHER. I always believed she loved me the BEST until
      Christmas and she sent a loving card and present and said To my Best
      Child,,,,,,,,,,,, and tell your wife I love her too. Now, that was really
      cold, how did my sweet, wonderful Mother do that to me. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa I
      love Her the Best!!!!!!!!!!
      My only wish for years now, is that I can be at least as good as my Mom, I
      know I could never be better. She is truly the BEST.
      Even Mike Tyson can'f be better than the BEST.
      What this all comes down to is that My MOM went into a marriage and
      children, and tried to do her BEST and what she did was beyond job
      I wanted to write to Paul Harvey, to let the world know how great my Mother
      is, but I think my brother, Buffalo is the next Paul Harvey of the world.
      I love you Buffalo, and I love you Mom.
      I still love you the best, you know that, even if Jerry is your best child

      You listed a story on Friday 1/18 about the Seven Wonders. It's not
      often that I read something that makes me sit back in my chair and go,
      "Wow!" That story was one of them. Thank you for printing it.

      R. Atkinson

      Buffalo says Our Pleasure


      My dear internet friends - I received this e-mail today and immediately
      recognized it as e-mail fraud, and internet scam. I have reported same to
      the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, FBI, Tampa, Florida, and to my local
      enforcement agencies.

      If you receive such an e-mail, I urge you to report it to your local law
      enforcement agencies, newspapers (for publication), and your local office of
      the FBI. JUST BEWARE, and BE AWARE, and BE ALERT!!! Don't just ignore it by
      deleting it.

      Joan , aka Rosie

      A Business Proposition

      DATE; 29 JAN ,2002

      Dear Sir,
      Your contact address got to me through export
      promotions council here in Republic of Liberia, Your
      reliability and trustworthiness in business
      transaction was the main conviction the compelled me
      to solicit for your support in this deal. I am
      MICHEAL JOHNSON the Honourable Minister of Labour,
      Monrovia, Liberia and member of the Contract
      In collaboration with my colleagues, we have agreed
      to transfer out of the Country through our Apex Bank,
      National Bank of Liberia,some amount which we will
      later re-invest overseas after the success of this
      transaction. The amount involved is Fourteen Million
      Two hundred thousand US Dollars(US$14,200,000.00).
      This is as a result of over inflated amount of
      Contract Payment Awarded to some Canadian foreign
      contractors, for the reconstruction of damaged
      government properties during the Liberia civil War
      3yrs ago. And the original contractors has collected
      there full and final Payment in american dollars,
      we now need a Foreign firm that will represent us
      and present itself as the contractor /Beneficiary for
      this amount of fourteen Million, two hundred thousand
      US Dollars. (US$14,200,000.00)since the government
      code of conduct does not permit us (civil servants)
      still under the service of our government to operate
      foreign accounts outside the country. Hence, we
      solicit your assistance to provide us with safe and
      reliable account where this fund will be lodge.
      Since, the present political/economic situations of
      our country after the seven (7)years Civil War is not
      encouraging for any investment now, we do not want to
      misuse this lifetime opportunity after all we have
      lost during the bloody Civil War.
      Therefore, I ,micheal johnson have been mandated by
      my colleagues to
      contact you and handle thesuccess/completion of the
      You will however, be required to furnish us with
      these necessary information. to enable us process the
      approval of the wire transfer to your account.
      1.Your Personal Phone and Fax number for
      2.Name and address of your Bank, Phone andFax
      3.Your account and Routing numbers where this money
      will be lodged into and the Beneficiary's name. It
      could be personal or Corporate account.
      These information will enable us put Application of
      Claims for the release of this money from concerned
      Government Agencies and it will be concluded withinthe
      shortest period of time.
      For your assistance, we have agreed that the fund
      willbe shared as follows:
      You as the account owner 20% ,
      Miscellaneous expenses5% ,
      Officials Involved 75%
      Now, we assure you that all arrangements have been
      concluded and put under control for the success of
      this transaction, so if you are interested,reply us
      through Email .

      Yours faithfully,



      Dear Internet Friends I hope by now you will have had time and taken the

      time to read an e-mail I wrote and sent you between 4 and 4:30 AM on today's
      date. It's Subject is either: Beware - Alert, or Very Important.

      In order to confirm that this was not a hoax, I returned an e-mail to the
      individual in question with a non-committal response. I have already
      received another e-mail from this person, urging me to give my phone and fax
      number so that he might get in touch with me with further instructions.

      This kind of thing is just what we read about from time to time in our local
      newspapers..........a scam to rip off monies from unsuspecting persons,
      looking to obtain a large sum of money with no effort.

      Please remember - if you do reeive such an e-mail, please forward it to your
      AOL fraud e-mail address, TOSEMail1, and for SW Floridians, send it to
      ifcc.tp@.... (This is the e-mail address for the Tampa Regional Office
      of the F.B.I.) Be sure to give them your name and mailing address, and
      include your phone number, in case they need to reach you.

      Good Luck...............JAW


      Walker was picked up without his passport which he claimed was lost...
      Rather than having brought John Walker Lindh back to the United States for a
      trial which at the very least will gather the US bad press around the world,
      and may not result in convictions, the US should have released John in
      Afghanistan --after revoking his citizenship.

      Revocation of citizenship is an administrative action; true, it can be
      reviewed by the courts, but it is much harder to have it restored when you
      are out of the country than it is to keep it when you are in the US and
      serving in a non-US military force is a principle grounds for revocation.

      If John wants to join his perfect Islamist brothers, drop him off in an area
      the Taleban still controls... Wash our hands of the problem, they'll sort
      him out.

      BTW, prisoners in Mazir-i-Sharif are asking to be transferred to Gitmo; and,
      prisoners in Gitmo are being treated better than prisoners in our penal
      "colonies" --none of the al-Qaeda/Taleban are subject to rape, AIDS, etc..

      The 3 Brits being held in Gitmo probably do not wish to return to Britain as
      they might end up in Dartmoor with the dregs.



      I would like to address Ganny in this response. Sir, you misinterrupted
      what I am saying. Sir, I believe in the judicial system and stand up for the
      right to a fair trial, and the presumtion of innocence before trial. That's
      one of our basic rights as Americans. But, one may wonder if Mr. Walker IS
      an American. All new citizens to the U.S., must swear to defend our nation
      and never bear arms against it. I'm not sure Ganny, but I don't think Mr.
      Walker was being trained at an al-Qaida camp to become a scout master. What,
      sir would he gain from this knowledge? Only one thing I think.
      The mistake has already been made, when they took him captive, pardon me,
      detained him, instead of being blown to bits with his comrades. Now you see,
      you and I will have to pay our tax-dollars for his defense, security, which
      is already in the millions, plus pay for what is no doubt going to be a long
      trial, millions more, appeals, millions more, and if found guilty, keeping
      him away from all other prisoners, to keep them from killing him, feed and
      clothe him, providing him with TV, and probably cable with HBO, a luxury
      many people are unable to afford.
      Yes, Ganny, I say kill him, but it should have been done in Afghanistan.
      It would have saved all concerned a great deal of money and time of
      wondering his demise.

      Truly a Concened American,
      Jack Montgomery
      Scarbro,West Virginia

      Buffalo, thanks for having an open forum.


      Now normally I would only forward this url to those of my friends who live
      in the U.S. or have family there...in this case it goes to everyone. This
      legislation can intimately affect Canada's Arctic ecosystem because, face
      it, nature doesn't recognize political borders. You can have your name
      listed on the e-published petition listed as Anonymous

      Preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Petition:



      You know, Buffalo, I was raised by the "old book" and I got smacked (not
      beaten, mind you) but smacked if I misbehaved. I did the same with my boy &
      girl. We were not ashamed to ever take them any place as they always
      behaved. When I was very young and still a kid, I was polite to neighbors,
      teachers, family, friends and fearful that if I did step out of line that I
      would be in big trouble at home. I think that people should mind their own
      business if they see a parent "spank" their child in public as this is not
      child abuse. What do I now think of Dr. Spock? I think that some parents
      need to use the book and smack the kid with it! Kids now days are not
      afraid of anyone, including parents, teachers, police and the worst part of
      it is is that most of the above mentioned are afraid of the kids! What kind
      of a world are we living in? I think that in our quest to give the kids !
      better than we had, we are giving the kids too much too soon. They have
      grown selfish, lazy and bored. I had an uncle who used to tell me that
      anyone who was "bored' must be "boring" Very true.
      The Vernor's Lady - olmndjy


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      Bonus Chip From Jack

      An American, a Scot and a Canadian were in a terrible car accident. They
      were all brought to the same emergency room, but all three of them died
      before they arrived. Just as they were about to put the toe tag on the
      American, he stirred and opened his eyes. Astonished, the doctors and
      nurses present asked him what happened.
      "Well," said the American, "I remember the crash, and then there was a
      beautiful light, and then the Canadian and the Scot and I were standing
      at the gates of heaven. St. Peter approached us and said that we were
      all too young to die, and said that for a donation of $50, we could
      return to earth. So of course I pulled out my wallet and gave him the
      $50, and the next thing I knew I was back here."
      "That's amazing!" said the one of the doctors, "But what happened to the
      other two?"
      "Last I saw them," replied the American, "the Scot was haggling over the
      price and the Canadian was waiting for the government to pay."

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