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Re: [buffalojugglers] Odds are, you won't even get this before 9/14/13 9:30am...

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  • Steve Delmonte
    1.KUMC for me 2. No to heart walk. Cheers, Steve
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 14, 2013
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      1.KUMC for me
      2. No to heart walk.

      On 9/13/13 11:59 PM, Jerry House wrote:
      > Weird, this one went through...
      > Ok, I'm copying and pasting my previous mail message. Here goes...
      > ----------------
      > Hi everyone.
      > Here's the deal, in chronological order. Please read.
      > 1) Tomorrow (Saturday, September 14th), it's gonna be cold. Not
      > rainy, just cold - like 55 degrees at 10am. We COULD juggle at
      > Delaware Park, or we could just go to the KUMC. What do people
      > think? (P.S. It's around 55 degrees right now as I'm writing this.
      > As an experiment, you can go outside right now and see if you'd like
      > to be juggling in this temperature for the next two hours. That would
      > give you your answer.)
      > 2) We were invited to juggle at the Buffalo Heart Walk on Sunday,
      > September 15th, at 9am, at Coca-Cola field. I never got back to
      > anyone saying we'd do it. I just know that I cannot make it. I'm ok
      > with calling it off, but I'd like to OFFICIALLY call it off and let
      > the contact person know this. Or someone could take the lead, and
      > I'll give that person the contact person's information, and they can
      > handle it.
      > 3) Since it gets dark so quickly now, and since it's so cold, we're no
      > longer doing Monday nights in the park, but are instead doing
      > Wednesday nights at the KUMC, starting September 18th.... and per my
      > work schedule, I won't be able to make the first two (September 18th
      > and 25th). I'm hoping Dave, Steve, or Joe will be able to take over
      > door code / alarm code duties. If any of you need refreshers on the
      > codes, call me.
      > 4) September 21st is gonna be a BUSY day. In the morning is the
      > Hunter's Hope Every Step walk on Beaver Island. We've done this
      > several times in the past, and one year, it was rained out. Later in
      > the day is the Music is Art festival at Delaware Park. That's gonna
      > be a little more tricky, not only because we will have already juggled
      > for a while, but also because there's the thought that we'd do
      > something a little more organized than just "show up and juggle". I'm
      > leaving the details of that up to Dave, because I really don't know
      > how it's going to work out.
      > 5) The KUMC is going to have their Fall festival on Sunday, October
      > 6th, from 12 to 4. We've juggled for this in the past as well -
      > usually up in their Library, because the gym is filled with arts and
      > crafts and such. Usually there's more than enough of us to juggle at
      > this.
      > That's all for now. Discuss, preferably quickly, what your thoughts
      > are on the first two items.
      > Jerry
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > *From:* Jerry House <jhouse1234@...>
      > *To:* buffalo jugglers <buffalojugglers@yahoogroups.com>
      > *Sent:* Friday, September 13, 2013 11:49 PM
      > *Subject:* [buffalojugglers] Odds are, you won't even get this before
      > 9/14/13 9:30am...
      > Hi everyone.
      > I sent out two emails this morning (9/13/13) to the Buffalo Jugglers.
      > I don't think anyone even received them, which is a pity.
      > And odds are you won't read this before 9:30 am on Saturday, which is
      > also a pity, since we should decide where we're going to juggle. If
      > Saturday is anything like Friday, I'm thinking the KUMC instead of the
      > park. As such, I plan on being at the KUMC around 10am, unless a
      > sudden gust of nice weather appears.
      > Jerry
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