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Re: [btvsrpg-eden] quick question

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  • Lone Wolf
    Did you try http://www.devermore.net/UniForge/ ? It s what I use for quickie char gen.
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2008
      Did you try http://www.devermore.net/UniForge/ ?

      It's what I use for quickie char gen.

      Gastón Calero wrote:
      > ok, so my question is, and perhaps this is not right to ask here, but
      > i have to, because i don't understand.
      > i'm a fan of electronic character generators, while playing d&d the e-
      > tools was the best thing ever happened, it was quick and clear, it
      > help a lot to calculeted those obscure bonuses that perhaps you
      > forgot to calculated or really quickly know what you can do o don't
      > at level advancement.
      > then when i started to play shadowrun, i'll admiti it, my tiny brain
      > and un knowledge of the system and rules make me find a character
      > generator to keep track of creation and advancement, and is a real
      > life saver. and even there is one for the new 4th edition (thou i
      > play 3rd.)
      > when i started playing buffy i was in heaven, the system is quick,
      > simple and really clear, yet, i alredy had the habit of keeping my
      > charactes electronically and the ones of my players so no one has the
      > chance to "miss write or miss read" a hand written stat. but for
      > buffy i only find the excel spreadsheet that, unfortunatly was for
      > the un revised version and this makes it a bit problematic to re do
      > all the calculations and edit everything to add custom content to the
      > point of boredoom in the most un easy manner.
      > i keep seeking other kinf of application untill i found a unysystem
      > character chreator, but it didn't do, qualities and drawbacks bonuses
      > don't add up, the data is from the un revised version, and the output
      > character sheet was aufull.
      > then i started to play ars magica and like ever i seek the character
      > generator, metacreator was the most powerfull tool ever, i loved it
      > and came with versions for unisystem (not cinematic unisystem). i
      > easily found the metacreator for ars magica trhu torrents, yet the
      > unisystem is imposible.
      > creating a new set of data to a new system is pure programing (i'm a
      > looser in that area).
      > so my really question is, does anyone hace the metacreator full for
      > unisystem or for the buffy/angel??? is there any way to get it?
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