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Re: Witch and vampire?

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  • entilxa2
    OK Let me introduce myself . I am French from Paris suburbs -you ll have to forgive me about that ;)- I have all Buffy RPG rulebooks and reread them many
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      OK Let me introduce myself .
      I am French from Paris suburbs -you'll have to forgive me about
      that ;)- I have all Buffy RPG rulebooks and reread them many times.
      (Don't anyone find that the style of those books is awesome ???). I
      may add that my real first name is Gilles and thus I was destined to
      be a Buffy fan.I read the Magic box before answering this topic.I've
      been hmmm watching this group for some time now.
      So no rule can prevent a vampire to be a witch. The entire second
      part of the second season revolves around castin a uber spell
      (raising Hell... I mean Acathla). But the thing is: being half a
      demon vampire have more stamina than living people. And all magic
      being rooted in demons in the Buffyverse the Vampires know how
      whimsical it is. It may not prevent them from using it to cause
      chaos and mayhem here and there and that can be useful in the game.
      I leave it to any Drector to decide which power is the greatest (the
      living or Death). My own point of view is that the House -I mean the
      Demon- always wins but hey a little magic from a covenant and Willow
      can listen to Xander so it is totally up to you.
      Furthermore blood magic can be one ofthe most powerful magic in the
      world. Look how powerful blood is in a Vampire!
      So yes A vampire witch or wizard is technically possible but you
      have to decide what it his style as any Mage (summoning, psychic
      powers telekinesis and so on) and why he is still a mage. Is there
      any quest that the mage is having? How did he turn to a vampire?
      A few ideas:
      A summoning spell went kinda wrong (which spell doesn't anyway?) and
      the caster wants to try and find a magical cure to vampirism... That
      just an idea. Or that he enjoys being a vampire being a blood mage
      before being Sired and that the transformation just took him another
      step in his study.
      Other plot options can of course be found...
      I totally agree that nothing in the rules makes it easier to cast a
      spell being a vampire and it should but hey who's to say that some
      hard to kill levels aren't helpful when Hell breaks loose... But
      anyone with the right book can cast a spell the Buffyverse (ok
      people don't always choose Sumerian as their second language...).
      Kind regards

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      > If someone wanted to be an uber spellcaster they could easily come
      up with some sort of demon that covers all the main stats in casting.
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      > Subject: [btvsrpg-eden] Re: Witch and vampire?
      > Let's say a high powered witch (sorcery 7+) was vamped. Then
      > -Timothy S. Brannan
      > Well it would be like vampires who suffer injuries (mental or
      > physical) prior to being turned, chances are it'll be business
      > usual.
      > Warlocks and Witches of the Whedonverse are generally born not
      > (unless you get possessed by powerful gypsy mojo to carry out
      > recursing of a vampire or something), generally all those who
      > otherwise cast spells in the lack the same level of power.
      > Jonathan for example is not a Warlock, nor is Angel or Spike,
      > Giles or Xander or Oz or Andrew or Dawn. They have all used the
      > but none of them are what we'd consider Warlocks/Witches.
      > It could be assumed that because the status of being a
      > is generally inborn, it would be safe to have a Vampire Witch as
      > as they have magic in the family tree.
      > Although vampires generally aren't known for personal
      > (having forever to get around to things being the main cause), I
      > wouln't expect a Vampire Witch to have gained or gain a lot of
      > post turning unless they have a fair few years under their belt
      > (possibly even the Age Quality).
      > As a recent poster pointed out, the Vampire Quality doesn't
      > make a better spellcaster, just most likely a tougher one to
      take out
      > (unless you expose them to a little sunlight or holy water that
      > Following on from that poster it is hard to make a judgement
      > knowing more.
      > Cheers
      > Rowan P. C. Tritton / LSWSjr
      > The Aussie UniSystem Addict
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