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    Demogorgon, Demon Prince of Fiends Note: You can see this write-up along with Orcus and some really cool artwork in the new netbook Serpents & Simians at
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      Demogorgon, Demon Prince of Fiends

      Note: You can see this write-up along with Orcus and some really cool
      artwork in the new netbook "Serpents & Simians" at


      “And by them stood Orcus and Hades, and the dreaded name of Demogorgon.”
      - Milton, Paradise Lost.

      “It is contended by some that this demon prince is supreme. His hatred for
      Orcus is immense and unending, followed closely by his hatred for Graz’zt.”
      - Gygax, Monster Manual

      Demogorgon, The Great Fiend, Prince of Demons.

      Note: Some of this information is based on previous works, some of it is
      based on historical records and some more is completely made up. If you want
      to find out more about Demogorgon in the D&D game check out Wizards’ of the
      Coast “Book of Vile Darkness”.

      Demogorgon is the Prince of Fiends. He (and it should be noted here and now
      that “he” is only used as a convenience, it is possible that Demogorgon is a
      “she” or an “it” or a “both” or “neither”, sages simply do not know) is the
      greatest of their number and is their ruler.

      Much mystery surrounds the being known as Demogorgon. His name comes from
      the late Latin meaning “Terrible Demon”, but there are claims that he is a
      Greek chthonian god, or even something far more primal.

      What is known is this. Demogorgon is ancient. He was old even in the
      pre-history of humankind. He has taken upon himself the mantle of “The
      Prince of Demons”, though there are very few that can actually challenge him
      in this role. In addition he is known as “The Great Fiend”, “Lord of the
      Abyss”, and “The Great Beast”. When the angels fell and took up lordship in
      Hell, Demogorgon was already there. He (and Orcus) greeted Lucifer and his
      angels. It is likely that he was kicked out since he now resides in Chesed.
      It is possible that his wars with Orcus and Belial began here.

      Unlike other demonic creatures, Demogorgon is not a fallen angel or god. He
      has always been a fiend. As he has aged and evolved he has become more
      “demon” like. Or, if as speculated, he is the original demon and the fallen
      angels became more like him. Some occult scholars have even speculated that
      he might belong to that quasi-mythical group known as Proto-demons, which
      puts him closer in nature to likes of Pazuzu than Lucifer.

      Motivations and Goals

      Like most fiend lords, Demogorgon is obsessed with spreading his power.
      However the Great Fiend has had his share of battles. His war with Orcus is
      legendary. The populations of entire worlds have been spent in this never
      ending war. There was a time when it seemed Demogorgon had the upper hand,
      but he has been dealt a number of crushing reversals of late. He and Orcus
      are once again at a standstill, with Orcus possibly having the upper hand.
      He is also know for his battles with the Abat-Dolor demons whose leader is
      Graz’zt, and those battles have picked up once again after some time of
      reduced activity. Graz’zt covets Demogorgon’s title as Prince of Demons,
      something he sees himself as. Orcus and Demogorgon simply hate each other.
      Less well know are his battles with the Fallen Angel/Arch Devil Belial, also
      known as Beliar. Though that war has been at a standstill for a number of

      But more than anything Demogorgon is about change. He evolves and changes to
      fit the needs of the times. Some claim this is due to his dual brained
      nature of his two independent heads, others say it because he has been
      around for so long he has seen evolution in action and understands it at a
      level that even the Creator does not comprehend. What ever the case one
      factor is for certain, in their epoch stretching war Orcus has never gained
      a major victory despite a never end supply of undead minions. Demogorgon has
      reigned supreme.

      Even among the fiend lords Demogorgon has a peculiar “hobby”, he has spent
      millennia breeding different species of man, animal and fiend to produce new
      races. There seems to be no purpose in this other than the pursuit itself.
      Nearly every imaginable combinations and abominations can be found roaming
      free in his realm. Demogorogon has kept Mendelan like records that go back
      thousands of centuries on his successes, failures, reattempts, all with a
      methodical meticulousness that makes the handful of scholars that have seen
      them believe the theory that this is just one, extremely old creature.

      Though it is whispered, there is another theory. That Demogorgon is in fact
      a title and not the Great Fiend’s name. That over the wastes of time there
      have been many Demogorgons, one taking over when the previous one dies, all
      taking similar form, and maybe even the true essence (and Essence) of the
      Prince of Demons. This theory could help explain the seeming contradictions
      in his character. While dismissed by older sages and occultists there is a
      growing number of younger occult scholars that have embraced this idea and
      have taken to calling the creature “The Demogorogon”. There are at least two
      creatures, both extremely powerful fiends that occult scholars point to as
      examples. The greater fiends Aameul and Hethradiah (known as his right hand)
      were known to be powerful lieutenants of Demogorgon that were either killed
      (and unravelled), absorbed into the Demon Prince, or became The Demogorgon.

      Regardless of which interpretation is true, there is no way to know for sure
      and all contact with Demogorgon is only likely to be with one entity in
      particular. Unless of course one is present when this theorized transfer of
      power occurs, and that is only likely if the cast are the main sacrifices or
      on the menu, or both.

      In nearly all cases and examples throughout time, Demogorgon prefers to work
      through his cults (even if he pits these cults at cross purposes) rather
      than become directly involved. You won’t see full manifestations of The
      Prince of Demons in the streets of New York either Pre- or Post- Rekoning


      The renowned sage Gygax described the Great Demon thusly, “Demogorgon
      appears as an 18-foot tall reptilian-humanoid. He has two heads that bear
      the visages of baboons. His blue-green skin is plated with snake-like
      scales, his body and legs are those of a giant lizard, his twin necks
      resemble snakes, and his thick tail is forked. In place of arms, he has two
      huge tentacles.”

      Demogorgon can change his form at will, depending on his mood. While he will
      typically appear as described above, he can alter that façade. Changes can
      be subtle, mandrill or hyena heads for example, or to a more sinuous body
      like that of a snake rather than a reptile. Demogorgon can also appear human
      as he wills. His most common guise is that of a tall man of indeterminate
      age and race (eye witnesses always differ on accounts) with two notable
      features, his eyes are always yellow tinged with red and he stands before
      them naked, clothed only in shadow and bald. Scholars speculate that this
      could be the “Dark Man” of many Wicce ceremonies (a notion that the Wicce
      universally deny). Other point out that until knowledge of Demogorgon’s war
      with the demon Graz’zt was known that there were no manifestations of
      Demogorgon beyond the classical “fiendish” one.

      Those encountering the Great Demon report an overwhelming feeling of fear
      and dread. They describe feeling that they are in the presence of an ancient
      and alien evil. Those that have communicated with him describe a tumult of
      voices, of different ages, nationalities, genders, and description, but all
      cruel and evil. One occult scholar wrote that two voices, male and female,
      were foremost, but thousands of others could be “heard” in the background.

      The Lair of Demogorgon

      Like most fiendish realms, the Lair of Demogorgon is located in the
      Sephiroth of Chessed. The lair of the Great Fiend resembles an infinite lush
      topical rainforest full of every manner of life, both mundane and fiendish.
      Visitors from Malkuth (Earth) are reminded of the primal forests of South
      America or the jungles of India and Africa. Yet even the terrene dangers of
      those places are paled with the horrors of the jungles of Demogorgon. Other
      areas resemble great fetid bogs that stretch for miles and whose depths have
      never been explored, and great flat deserts of salt where the creatures
      survive beneath a white-hot sun by drinking the fluids of anything (or
      anyone) they capture.
      Know by some as “Abysm”, “Ungurth Reddik”, and to others as “The Gapping
      Maw”, it is the home not only to Demogorgon and several thousand lesser
      fiends, but also to the two primary branches of Demogorgon’s cult (the third
      is situated wholly on Earth), many species of primates and reptiles of
      varying degrees of intelligence, dinosaurs and ancient reptiles, but also to
      several thousand humans stuck in a tribal state of development. It appears
      that the humans sole purpose for being here is to provide sport for the
      cultists of Demon King.

      The Cult of Demogorgon

      Demogorgon runs three very active (respective to their areas of control)
      cults. While separate and most time even ignorant of each other, the cults
      operate in similar fashions and all three, whether known or not, have the
      same goals, destruction, violence and the promotion of the will of

      The Blood Apes - The largest cult of Demogorgon, is a cult of intelligent
      Gifted apes. They are often referred to as “The Blood Apes” due to their
      habit of bathing in the blood of fallen enemies and comrades. These cultists
      actively worship Demogorgon as their god and attribute to him all spoils.
      The doctrines of the cult emphasize destruction and violence. In Apeworlds
      that feature these cultists they are most often intelligent baboons,
      mandrills, gibbons and sometimes gorillias. All are carnivores and keep
      human or (where appropriate) chimpanzee slaves. It is even whispered among
      the human populations that some humans are kept in an attempt by Demogoron’s
      Heirophants to breed true a race that features the most terrible qualities
      of both ape and man. Others claim they have already succeeded.

      The Ophiacodontids – Constantly at war with the Blood Apes are the
      Ophiacodontids. Each cult believes there are the only true followers of the
      Great Fiend. The Ophiacodontids might have the edge in shear age, but the
      Blood Apes outnumber them 20 to 1. The Ophiacodontids are a race of
      intelligent synapsids that have, over the millennia of a carefully
      controlled eugenics program have assumed more upright and human-like form.
      The Ophiacodontids were the first worshippers of Demogoron, living during
      the primeval dawn of the Earth during the Permian Period some 250-290
      Million years ago. Their astrologers saw the end of the Permian Period that
      ended in the extinction of close to 90% of all life, a time we now call “The
      Great Dying”. The previously cold and scientific race turned to a doomsday
      religion with Demogorgon as their God. Demogorgon took the Ophiacodontids to
      his realm and there they continued their epoch long degradation as a
      Wars between the two cults are a frequent occurrence with the Blood Apes
      pitting brutal and effective savagery against the Ophiacodontidae calculated
      cruelty. The only time they do not fight each other is when both tribes hunt
      humans for food or slave labor.
      The symbol of the Ophiacodontids is the Amphisbaena, a great serpent with
      heads on both ends.

      The Humanist Ecological Liberation League – The third and most radical of
      Demogorgon’s cultists is a group of Gifted humans living on Earth known as
      the Human Ecological Liberation League, or HELL. True to their name, they
      are a radical group of ecological terrorists and even the radical ELF (Earth
      Liberation Front) has disavowed them. HELL has claimed responsibility in
      billions of dollars in property damage to developers working in areas they
      have deemed “protected”, including the destruction of an off-shore oil rig
      that was drilling through a coral reef, a lumber company burned to the
      ground in South America and the destruction of computers used in a
      Midwestern America coal strip mining firm. They are also believed have been
      involved in various murders and disappearances of various persons from
      corporate executives down to a group of factory workers processing wood.
      The members are for the most part the sons and daughters of Baby Boomers who
      instilled the ideas of activism into them, but not the restraint. Many hail
      from various Associations, with the Wicce being predominant. The various
      Wicce groups are quick to denounce them and reiterate that methods of HELL
      are not that of the Wicce. Even the Rosicrucians side with the Wicce on this
      issue and consider HELL to be the single greatest threat to exposure. Given
      that HELL’s tactics are as subtle as a sledgehammer, both groups also agree
      that there is no way they could be part of the Combine.
      The fact is the members of HELL, despite what they might believe themselves,
      are not Wicce or Rosicrucians at all, but in fact a cult dedicated to
      Demogorgon. Demogorgon is known to upper echelon of the cult, but the rank
      and file do not. The leaders commune with the Great Fiend, who appears to
      them as the Wicce “Dark Man”.
      The upper ranks believe that Demogorgon represents nature, raw and untouched
      by man, and that centuries of human dogma has demonized him. They honestly
      believe they are doing the work of a wronged divine being. HELL is only
      vaguely aware of the other cults, and those that do believe that they were
      pre-historic antecedents (which is true) that died out epochs ago (which
      isn’t true).

      Demogorgon in Your Games

      As with any super-powerful fiend care must be taken about how Game Masters
      introduce him to their game. The Cast’s primary contact with the Great Fiend
      should be through rumor only. The appearance of two headed snakes and frogs
      are common signs. Dealing with his cult, especially HELL could provide
      enough for an entire series of episodes. The cast can get to the top of a
      local HELL cell, only to discover that there is much more and all of it is
      controlled by a fiend that very few legends even mention.

      Roleplaying “Demogorgon” versus “The Demogorgon”
      Demogorgon has the potential of being the most ancient, powerful and
      dangerous entity the characters or the players have ever encountered. If
      “He” has been around since the Permian times that would equate to 240 to 290
      Million Years, that is at least 2.4 to 2.9 Million levels of Age. Even if he
      was “down” for more than half that time (say he was only active when there
      were active worshipers) that is still about 40 million extra skill points!
      Obviously he can’t have that much. But there are still problems with dealing
      with such an ancient, alien creature. One option is to cut him down to size.
      Explore the possibility that Demogorgon is in fact a title given to most
      powerful fiend in existence. When that fiend is killed, or dies for whatever
      reason, a new Demogorgon is appointed. This would be the biggest secret in
      all the infernal realms, and quite an adventure for the Cast that discovers
      it. Maybe the current Demogorgon is ancient and a new fiend has challenged
      him to rule over all the fiends. A fight ensues and the younger fiend
      emerges victorious! Only to be subjected to a painful transformation where
      he becomes the new Demogorgon. Maybe Orcus did defeat Demogorgon once, only
      to be transformed to the new one.
      Another possibility for adventure is a current demon adversary manages to
      learn the secret and becomes, through duplicity, the new Demogorgon. Now the
      cast is really in trouble.

      Demogorgon has been pulling in races from as far back as the Permian times
      from the continent of Pangaea. One could only imagine the knowledge he has
      collected from Lemuria, Atlantis, Hyborea or other long lost lands of occult
      wisdom. Imagine the surprise of your Immortal Templar when a creature
      looking like a cross between a toad and a monkey appears and starts talking
      about the flying mind ships of his ancestors. It is quite certain that
      Demogorgon has in his possession knowledge of the Greater Keys of Solomon.
      And his interactions with the Wicce and Rosecrucians have already been
      It is also during this time that HELL is most active.
      Demogorgon, when he rarely ventures to Earth, can remain for 16 days.

      Demogorgon is of a mind to take advantage of the situation and unleash new
      hells on the Earth. Most associations would disdain contact with him, even
      those aligned with the Infernal Realms. While mostly low-profile during the
      pre-Reckoning, Demogorgon sees the post-Reckoning world as the means to gain
      control. While not stopping the Cult of Leviathan, he is not working with
      them either.
      Demogorgon can remain in the mortal world for 80 days at a time (if past 200

      AFMBE (D&Z)/Terra Primate/Army of Darkness
      Demogorgon’s lair itself, despite its supernatural placement, can be used as
      a fantastic Ape / Dead World. Follow the “Lost Continent” example from TP
      (after all what continent is more lost than Pangaea?) Humans, intelligent
      apes, even some intelligent bipedal reptiles can be created here in their
      daily struggle for life, not against the forces of darkness, but from within
      the heart of darkness itself. Travelling to the lair is the kind of stuff
      that makes legends out of characters in Dungeons & Zombies (remember ‘Queen
      of the Demonweb Pits?’) and Army of Darkness.

      Ghosts of Albion (and other CineUnisystem games)
      Scientific thought is embracing the world. Industry is growing and the world
      is shrinking. Te gap between those that have and those that have not has
      never been more profound. Sounds ripe for fiendish influence. To date
      Demogorgon has shown no interest in Ablion (or Alba or Ériu for that matter
      either), but the defeat of Balberith has sent a ripple through the
      supernatural world and now everyone’s attention is on the tiny isle of
      Albion. After all two-siblings, barely adults even by human standards,
      defeated one of Lucifer’s most powerful lieutenants, they can’t be lucky all
      the time.

      Unisystem Stats


      Other names: The Great Fiend, The Demon Prince, Lord of the Brine Flats,
      Lord of the Gapping Maw, The Demon King.
      Type: Greater Fiend (Demon)
      *Though a Fiend, Demogorgon’s nature is closer to demonic.

      Strength: 18
      Dexterity: 15
      Constitution: 14
      Intelligence: 12
      Perception: 18
      Willpower: 16

      Secondary Attributes
      Endurance: 340
      Speed: 58
      Armor: 28

      Essence: 228
      Vital Essence: 456
      Channelling level: 9

      Life Points (when Manifested): 430

      Acute Senses (all)
      Age +40* (best estimate)
      Charisma +4
      Essence Channelling +9
      Hard to Kill +20
      Increased Essence Pool +13 (+65 Essence Points)
      Increased Life Points +12 (+120 LP)
      Natural Toughness
      Nerves of Steel +4
      Greater Fiend
      Supernatural Senses (including see Invisible)

      Adversary (lots, powers of good and evil) –10
      Attractiveness –2
      Covetous, Greedy –3
      Cruel –3
      Delusions of Grandeur -3
      Obsession, genetic experimentation –4
      Paranoia –4
      Taint Vulnerability

      Languages (all) +10
      Theophany skill
      Brawling +18
      Bureaucracy +12
      Cheating +9
      Craft, Weapons +12
      Craft, ritual items +10
      Dodge +10
      Hand weapons, sword +16
      Hand weapons, others +10
      Magic Theory +16
      Magic bolts +15
      Myths & Legends, Greek +16
      Myths & Legends, Pre-historic +16
      Notice +16
      Occult Knowledge +18
      Questioning +14
      Rituals (Wicce, Rosicrucian) +15

      All other skills at +5

      Bad Luck 9
      Destroyer 8 – Destruction
      Dark Vision
      Essence Drain – Demogorgon can drain 10 points of Essence per touch.
      Essence Shieldings
      Gaze Attacks
      - Beguiling (left head), victim must make contested Willpower check
      to avoid catatonic stupor for number of turns equal to the difference in
      - Hypnosis (right head), victim must make contested Willpower check
      to avoid following Demogoron’s wishes for number of turns equal to the
      difference in Willpowers.
      - Insanity (both heads together), victim must make a contested
      Willpower check or go insane.
      Regeneration – Regenerates his current CON in LP per minute. Drained Essence
      can be added to Life Points or Essence (Vital or Pool).

      Rotting Touch - Any living creature touched by Demogorgon’s tentacles must
      make a Constitution (doubled) check, or its flesh and bones begin to rot.
      The victim takes 1d4(2) points of Constitution damage immediately and 1
      point of Constitution damage every hour thereafter until it dies. Any
      healing invocation will halt the damage, but lost points return only with
      natural healing and cannot be restored with magic.

      Keys of Solomon
      As the Prince of Demons Demogoron also has access to the Keys of King
      He will typically use the following:
      • Key of the Seraphim* (can only use it on demons)
      • Key of the Spirit (can only use it on fiends)
      • Key of War

      Melee, bite, 2 attacks, bonus: +33, damage d4(2)x16, poison
      Bite Poison strength rating 6, damage 2d6(6)+6.
      Melee, tentacles, 2 attacks, bonus: +33, damage: d6(3)x18, Essence Drain,
      Melee, tail, 1 attack, bonus: +31, damage d6(3)x19, Essence Drain.

      Demogorgon can summon 4-24 fiends to aid him. These fiends regard him has
      their lord and will obey him without question.
      He can also summon up to a dozen lesser demons and fiends to aid him. These
      demons and fiends are less loyal, and will flee if the fight is going
      against them.

      Blood Apes

      Strength: 5-6
      Dexterity: 3-4
      Constitution: 5-7
      Intelligence: 3-4
      Perception: 3
      Willpower: 3

      Essence: 22-27
      Life Points: 56-68

      Qualities: Gift, Hard to Kill 2

      Skills: Brawling 5, Handweapon (sword) 3

      Metaphysics: Invocations

      Blood Apes appear as any intelligent ape type found in Terra Primate, save
      that these creatures also wield magics. Most are Lesser Gifted, with a few
      tribal leaders as Gifted. Mundanes, if sufficiently brutal in other forms of
      life are allowed to live.


      Strength: 4
      Dexterity: 3-5
      Constitution: 3-4
      Intelligence: 4-7
      Perception: 4
      Willpower: 6

      Essence: 24-30
      Life Points: 41-45

      Qualities: Gift, Hard to Kill

      Skills: Brawling 3, Handweapon (sword) 4

      Metaphysics: Seer powers

      Opiacodontids are a race of bipedal synapsids that have evolved under
      Demogorgon’s guidance. They consider the Great Demon to be their god. They
      do not differ much in terms of physical size and strength from humans. They
      tend to be a bit smarter on the average and have stronger wills.
      Opiacodontids also posses Seer/Psychic powers with the vast majority Lesser
      Gifted and an elite minority Gifted. Mundane creatures are killed at birth.
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      ... [,,,] ... Not really delusions in his case, though.
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        Not really delusions in his case, though.
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