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Re: Welcome to Sunnydale's map of Sunnydale

I have the map that Buffyprops.com made up. I might consider selling it ONLY because I am having financial difficulties. email me at gailds9@.... On
Oct 1, 2013

Re: Welcome to Sunnydale's map of Sunnydale

I know this is a bit old, but was anyone able to order that map? I couldn't find a link to buy it, and there was no response from the email address. Thanks!
Oct 1, 2013

Series Finale/Plot Idea

I know a few people on the list have been following my Slaying Solomon campaign over the years. Of late, we've only been playing once six weeks or so and,
Greg Pearson
Jul 30, 2013

Re: Welcome to Sunnydale's map of Sunnydale

Hey Linda, it looks nice! thanks for the link. All the best, ________________________________ From: "Conroy, Linda" To:
Rupert Giles
Jun 18, 2013

Re: Welcome to Sunnydale's map of Sunnydale

Hey there I know where you can get a map of Sunnydale - http://www.buffyprops.com/Pages/BuffyAngelPropsbySeason.aspx Enjoy! Buffsterbabe From:
Conroy, Linda
Jun 17, 2013

Welcome to Sunnydale's map of Sunnydale

Howdy! I am looking a way to get the Sunnydale's map as it should have been published in the Welcome to Sunnydale official supplement. I know that's stuff Eden
Jun 14, 2013

Re: [Admin] Regarding Yahoo email accounts

One of the reasons I like to use Hotmail for most of my lists now. :O) But... and this is just a theory... I've noticed a pattern in both Yahoo-lists, and
Maria Fernandez
Apr 19, 2013

Re: [Admin] Regarding Yahoo email accounts

I've seen people on other lists change their passwords, and it hasn't helped. (It's still worth doing though) The only thing I've found that works is simply
Gordon W. Rycroft
Apr 19, 2013

[Admin] Regarding Yahoo email accounts

There's been a serious problem with spam hitting the list from Yahoo based email accounts. If you have a Yahoo account subscribed to this list, please consider
Apr 18, 2013

Re: NPC Character Sheets?

If anyone ever needs anything from 4Shared, just let me know. mil abrazos ~ Maria *O) [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Maria Fernandez
Feb 18, 2013

Re: NPC Character Sheets?

Or you could try this program which another fan made up: http://edenstudiosdiscussionboards.yuku.com/topic/3256/ComputersSoftware-in-Roleplaying?page=2 . . .
Darcy Smittenaar
Feb 18, 2013

Re: NPC Character Sheets?

It's not form-fillable, but it is "add your own text box"-able: http://www.edenstudios.net/images/AngelBlankNPC.pdf Darcy ... -- "You take turns, advise and
Darcy Smittenaar
Feb 18, 2013

NPC Character Sheets?

Heya, Anyone know where I might be able to find form-fillable PDF or Excel-based character sheets, not for PCs, but for NPCs? The quick sheet, I basically
Joel N. Fischoff
Feb 18, 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg sighting

In this week's episode of Criminal Minds (Season 8, Episode 12, _Zugzwang_). She showed up on screen and I went 'hey, I know who that is!' She does look a
Joel N. Fischoff
Jan 17, 2013

Re: I forgot how much I liked this game

I think I singled out that one quote because it reminded me so much of the humor of the series. We've played both - the pre-Slayer Army, and post-Slayer Army
Maria Fernandez
Jan 14, 2013
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