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Fw: Fwd: Dear Mr. Enrile (must read!)

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  • Grace Ville
    - Received: Friday, 12 October, 2012, 2:38 PM ... - Received: Friday, 12 October, 2012, 2:38 PM ---
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      Received: Friday, 12 October, 2012, 2:38 PM

      >>>> Mr. Enrile....
      >>>> I am an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School.Â
      >>>> Your son Jackie Enrile is an alumnus of the Ateneo  De Manila High School
      >>>> Alfie Anido was an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>>> PNoy Aquino is an alumnus of the Ateneo  de Manila High School
      >>>> Mar Roxas is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>> Butch Abad is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>> Jinggoy Ejercito is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>> Koko Pimentel is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>> TG Guingona is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School
      >>> Ralph Recto is an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School ( and
      > FAILED the Ateneo High school entrance exam & just like Bongbong
      > transferred to La Salle Greenhills for high school)
      >>> Back then, BongBong Marcos went to La Salle Greenhills high school after
      > FAILING the Ateneo De Manila high school exams EVEN AFTER President
      > Marcos threatened the Jesuits to Accept Bong Bong sa Ateneo but to No
      > Avail !!!
      >>> What's the point in this whole post????
      >>> Every Atenean back then who attended Ateneo High School KNEW WHAT REALLY
      > HAPPENED to ALFIE!!!    PNOY knows it !  Mar knows it !  Butch Abad
      > knows it!  Jinggoy knows it! Ralph & Ricky Rector knows it ! Koko
      > Pimentel & TG Guingona knows it! The Anido family knows it ! And of
      > course your son's archrival Bongbong knows it!!!
      >>> What really happened is VERY COMMON KNOWLEDGE to All Ateneans back then!!!
      >>> Never ever forget that Mr. Enrile!!!
      >>> Ang Pamilya Anido was also a wealthy family ! But of course, No one
      > would have ever dared to challenge the 2nd Most Powerful person in the
      > Philippines after Marcos !
      >>> REMEMBER THIS!   About 80% of the Sons of Marcos Cronies & about 80%
      > of the Sons of Anti-Marcos Opposition leaders like ( Aquino, Roxas,
      > Pimentel, Rodrigo, Maceda, Guingona, Salonga, Manglapus all attended
      > Ateneo back then )
      >>> In other words, EVERYTHING that HAPPENED under the Marcos regime WENT
      > AROUND the Ateneo community because we HEARD 1st Hand accounts from BOTH
      > Pro-Marcos & Anti-Marcos families!!!!
      >>> ALL I will say is NAPAKARAMING Binaril, Sinampal, Tinutukan, Binugbog,
      > Ginulpi ng Anak ninyo Mr. Enrile ! NO ONE DARED challenge him !
      >>> The same with BongBong, Napakaraming sinindak, sinampal, binogbog,
      > binaril at tinutukan ng baril !! No one dared challenged him!
      >>> In fact, there must have been at least  4 incidents na nagkabarilan ang
      > anak ninyong si Jackie at si Bongbong pati lahat ng mga bodyguard nila.
      >>> YES, back then, the ONLY Person who could challenge Jackie was BongBong.
      > The only person who could challenge Bongbong was Jackie!
      >>> So after NCAA basketball games between Ateneo vs. La Salle- mag lalaban
      > yung dalawang hari ng pilipinas ! After Parties sa Assumption, St.
      > Scholastica & back then, Teretiana ( Now Poveda), pag nag abutan si
      > Jackie at BongBong- Patay na! Gulo !
      >>> Every Holy week as Baguio, there would always be fights sa hotel & sa
      > Baguio country club between ateneans & La Sallites. On a number of
      > occasions, ang head ng banatan would be Jackie for ateneo & BongBong for
      > La Salle! President Marcos & Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile had to
      > STEP INÂ  & pacify their Abusive, Spoiled sons !!!
      >>> The ONLY Good back then from my perspective as a young atenean  ( if
      > you can call that good) was Jackie Enrile was a relatively Very Nice guy
      > to fellow ateneans!! I will give him that. Pag- Atenista ka, " Hindi
      > tayo talo".
      >>> Pag La Sallista ka, Magtago ka na !
      >>> The opposite for Bong Bong, " Pag Atenista ka, patay ka kay BongBong!
      >>> I will not say or conclude or REPEAT what 99% of All Ateneans KNEW BACK
      > THEN because it does not really matter at this point!!!
      >>> Kung ang Pamilya nga ni Alfie Anido has REMAINED SILENT all these years,
      > tayo pang mga nasa publiko lang! It's not worth anyone's life to risk
      > para sa ganito.
      >>> Let's just say, the Next Senator of the PH Jack Enrile was NEVER a
      > Saint!!!!
      >>> What really KILLS me  &  many Ateneans & La Sallalites of our time is....
      >>> Ang mga maraming Binugbog at Ibabuso, Sinampal noong teenage years namin
      > are NOW ALL in power. In fact, they will ALL BE SENATORS !!!
      >>> This was the Level of Fear & Fights caused by these people back then- In
      > order of notoriety:
      >>> 1) Jackie Enrile2) BongBong Marcos3) Ralph Recto 4) Jinggoy Ejercito
      >>> By the way, Jinggoy & Jude were very abusive at sobrang nag hari harian
      > noong time nila especially pag territory ng Greenhills & San Juan!
      >>> Mahilig mag paputok ng baril  at manindak ng iba!
      >>> (Jinggoy always had 4 San Juan police bodyguards! he would get into
      > fights with other sons of Marcos cronies na panay spoiled at abusive
      > then.)
      >>> These 4 will be ALL Senators by 2013! All were associated with the
      > Marcos family!
      >>> P.S. ASK Any alumni of the ateneo high school who attended Ateneo de
      > Manila High school noong time ni Mar Roxas & Noy Aquino. WHAT comments
      > will you hear???
      >>> Mabait, Tahimik, very humble, maloko, hindi sumasama sa gulo, may
      > respeto and NEVER mong maririnig na may sinindak or minaliit!!
      >>> Back then, you already knew kung sinong mga bata ang pinalaki ng tama
      > vs. pinalaki ng spoiled!
      >>> ***Â  Alam ninyo mga kababayan kung ano ang Ironic sa lahat ng ito????
      > There are ONLY Two Young Men among the people I just mentioned who
      > REALLY TRULY CAME FROMÂ  VERY WEALTHY Families ( Wealthy na hindi
      > Ninakaw sa Pulitika )
      >>> They are NoyNoy Aquino & Mar Roxas- they both grew up in families who
      > were 10 times wealthier than any of the other people I just mentioned
      > !  BUT LOOK how they CARRIED THEMSELVES Growing up as Teenagers !!!
      >>> Napalaki si Mar & Noy na naturuan na pagiging Humble !! They were
      > brought up right ! You have to commend Senator Roxas & Mrs.
      > Araneta-Roxas, and of course the Martyr hero Senator Ninoy Aquino &
      > President Cory Aquino!
      >>> It proves that Upbringing by parents is the Ultimate in moral values &
      > upright character !
      >>> ( Right Mr. Renato Corona??? Another Ateneo High School alumnus who
      > somehow lost his morals)
      >>> You can go to the very top school like ateneo & all its Jesuits - but
      > your morals will ultimately still come  from your family!Â
      >>> Si Noy & Mar Never NEVER EVER acted like they were above others or had
      > any Sense of Entitlement!!!!
      >>> That is one trait that still shows TODAY, 30+ years after their high
      > school years in the Ateneo!!!
      >>> Sorry but once in a while someone has to SHARE THIS with the General
      > Public!!!!!
      >>> So alam ninyo who are the People running our nation today!
      >>> You be the judge !!!!
      >>> All I share here is an OPEN BOOK to all Ateneans & even LaSallites back
      > then.,
      >>> NO ONE just would dare talk about it for obvious reasons!
      >>> *** Kung Alam lang ng atin mga kababayan, Lalong Lalo na iyung 80% ng
      > mga botanteng mahihirap, hindi edukado na madaling lokohin at
      > paikutin!!!

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