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Introducing MuslimMeets.com

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  • Umair Salam
    MuslimMeets.com MuslimMeets.com A friend of mine from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      <http://www.salambazar.com/umairsBlog/archives/2003/06/index.html#000793> MuslimMeets.com
      <http://www.muslimmeets.com/> MuslimMeets.com A friend of mine from Toronto, <http://www.burhan.net/> Burhan, asked me to check out his wife's brain child <http://www.muslimmeets.com/> MuslimMeets.com. His wife Nicole has come up with a great idea: help connect muslim singles to assist them in finding the right partner to marry. I personally think that this initiative could prove to be indespensible for Muslims living in Canada/US. Why? Because young muslims growing up here in North America have a great challenge ahead of them: do you go back to your homeland to find a husband/wife or do you find someone like yourself who has grown up here and has the same background and hence similar faith and value system and culture. Since there aren't that many of us here (or there don't seem to be that many of us around in North America) how do you connect with someone? Either you know them through someone or go to <http://www.muslimmeets.com/> MuslimMeets.com and check them out. I wish Nicole & Burhan all the success...inshaAllah your pure intentions will bring good results and a great reward from Allah, ameen! Here is an excrept from their web site:

      Muslim Meets is a Toronto based organization who's mandate is to facilitate Muslim singles in their pursuit of marriage. Muslim Meets is an initiative of Nicole Syed, established in 2003. A mother of three young children, Nicole recognizes that the proper infrasturcture for single Muslims is lacking and needs to be developed.

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