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I am A Poor Girl.....Please Help Me

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  • m_muneeba
    URGENT REQUEST Dear Sir, I searched the groups to contact you. I am Pakistani, 22, working as a Correspondence Officer in a textile firm located in Karachi. My
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2003

      Dear Sir,

      I searched the groups to contact you. I am Pakistani, 22, working as
      a Correspondence Officer in a textile firm located in Karachi.

      My father is a heart, Diabetics, Epilepsy and kidney patient. My
      mother is also sick. 6 years back he returned from Saudi Arabia. He
      was clerk at Dammam Seaport (Manifest Section). Whatever provident
      fund Saudi Govt. gave him is not left with him now. Because everybody
      here looted him, he also gave loans from this sum of money to his
      friends but they never returned. With him were left only Rs. 300,000,
      which he gave to his cousin for investment who was at that time
      starting an apartments project. That person now gives us Rs. 5000 per
      month as a profit. He also threats us that now he will stop paying us
      monthly profit and also he will not return the capital, which my
      father invested with him. And my salary is only Rs. 5000.

      My younger brother is doing B.S. (Computer Sciences) on Loan Basis
      from Fast University. After completing his education he will pay the
      loan of his University of about Rs. 300,000 Lacs. At the time of his
      admission my poor old father took loan of Rs.60,000 from his sister.

      Running a home with an uncertain amount of Rs.10,000 in this
      expensive period is very tough. Because of poor health of my parents
      they are unable to do any job. My father takes loan from his
      relatives and friends even for petty purposes because nothing is left
      with us after paying bills and others dues. He does not have any bank
      balance or any kind of savings.

      Sir, I am very hard working. I am trying my best to support my family
      and to meet our ends within our means. My marriage is very near and
      my parents are too much worried for my marriage. We do not have any
      penny at hand. My parents are already under too much burden of big
      loans. My brother is young enough. And now nobody is ready to grant
      us any further. No body is ready to help us. Now I do not want my
      parents to ask for money from any relative.

      If I refuse to get married because of our tough financial problem, it
      hurts my parents Please help me, grant me some money so that I could
      collect. I also want to pay loan of my father before leaving because
      my relatives are now getting rude towards us. And I know after me it
      will be impossible for my father to pay loans. But please be noted
      that I am not asking for Zakat because I am Syeda and Zakat is
      forbidden upon me. I shall be very very grateful for your
      cooperation. . I have told you each and everything true. I did not
      hide anything from you.

      I shall pray Allah for your success and prosperity here and hereafter
      for helping a needy girl and shall wish the best for you.

      I would never had taken such step of sending help seeking email to my
      Muslim brothers and sisters individually but my prevailing crises
      have compelled me to do so. I belong to a noble Syed family but
      crises have badly come over us. I have no other way.
      If you want any further detail, I will surely provide you. You can
      enquire the validity of my claims. For your complete satisfaction I
      can be contacted at any time. Please do not ignore my request. Please
      do not disappoint me.

      Looking forward for your cooperative response! Please contact me soon!

      m m
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