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  • stuartthirlaway
    Learn how to Multiply your Startpage Exchange Traffic, aka... the 10,000 hits a day system. This which will explain not only how to earn credits from 8 to 10
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      Learn how to Multiply your Startpage Exchange Traffic,

      the 10,000 hits a day system.

      This which will explain not only how to
      earn credits from 8 to 10 Start Page Exchanges
      at the same time,
      but also how to use this extra traffic to...

      generate Maximum LEADS and REFERRALS!

      NOTE: Be sure to save this email to
      your computer; You will need it later.

      The next four installments will show you
      how to-

      1. Generate leads and referrals by
      replicating the 10,000 hits a day system.

      2. Build a large downline of referrals
      and leads quickly.

      3. Put it all together.

      4. Turn your 10,000 Hits Page into a
      FREE Full-Time Sales/Recruiting Machine!

      Here is how you can use all of these programs
      at the same time:

      [A.] Go to http://www.CrazyBrowser.com and
      download their free browser.

      Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser.
      It has the ability to open multiple sites
      simultaneously inside a single browser task.

      It also has a Smart Popup Filter -
      it blocks errors and popups automatically!

      Multiple pages can be saved as a GROUP
      and reopened together.

      [B.] Now click the links below to join
      these free programs:

      (( These are the best and most reliable
      sites I have found for this system.
      They also have good cheat protection))

      (( When you join these programs make sure
      to save the URLs they give you-
      both for your start pages and for your
      referral links! ))

      Of course, if you are already a member of
      one of these programs you can just use the
      URL's you already have.

      <<<>>> STARTPAGES <<<>>>

      (1.) NoMoreHits - highest quality traffic:

      (2.) FastFreeway - promote unlimited websites:

      (3.) GTTrader - sell traffic at a profit:

      (4.) CasHits- earn cash & traffic at the same time:

      (5.) ClickSilo - easy signup, fun promotions:

      (6.) NuclearHits:

      (7.) AutoHitsNow:

      (8.) AutoSurf4Cash:

      (9.) StudioTraffic- get paid $10 to join:

      (10.) CashDaily2U:

      [C.] CrazyBrowser has a feature that allows
      you to save any combination of URLs
      as individual groups.

      In the address bar, copy and paste your
      surf-for-hits URL of NoMoreHits,
      press the Enter-Key.

      The NoMoreHits surf page opens.

      Now copy and paste into the address bar the
      surf URL of ClickSilo, press the Enter-Key and
      ClickSilo appears, under a new Tab.

      Now, If you want to go back to NoMoreHits
      click on the first Tab.

      To go to ClickSilo, click on the second Tab.
      (Also, you can scroll through tabs by pressing
      the F3 key.) COOL!

      Now enter all your remaining surf-for-hits
      URL's, and dont forget to press the Enter-Key
      after you insert each URL.

      After you finish entering the 8 to 10
      surf programs, click on the main menu
      "Groups" and then click on
      "Save all pages as group".

      A windows file window will open.
      Give your group a name, like "10000Hits",
      and click Save.

      [D.] After having done this, every time you
      start CrazyBrowser you can simply click -
      "Groups", then the name of your saved
      group in the drop-down menu.

      All of your programs should load on one
      screen. You can now surf them all at once!

      [E.] If you have a slow connection and/or
      not very powerful computer, opening eight to
      ten pages at the same time may be too much.

      In this case, try less pages until your
      computer is running fast enough that you
      are happy with it.

      Using this method with a stable dial-up connection,
      I can generate 1000 Hit Credits in 2 hours.
      You can set your own target according to your
      connection speed and time limits.

      Even without any referrals,
      working 10 Start Page exchanges at once using
      this method allows you to generate a large
      amount of traffic.

      Add the traffic you can generate by
      sharing this method with referrals and you are

      What I am teaching you here is a method
      8 TIMES MORE POWERFUL than any of the others,
      in that it provides a way for you and all of
      your referrals you instruct in replicating it
      to generate 8 times the traffic.

      Be sure to save this email to your computer!
      When you save this email you will be useing it to promont to
      newsgroups or what ever way you can promont it.
      Try to start with your friends and family.
      When you join all the programs get your referral URL from eash
      program. Then replace my information in this email to yours. If you
      need any help, just email me.

      Have a nice day!

      Best regards,

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